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I call my mom Borz. It confuses everyone – as any good nickname should. Borz visited last weekend.

Shower Stuff from Rachel Schultz

Around here we’re in hunker-down, live on the absolute financial minimum mode while we save up for a few things. My mom rolls into town and buys us a handful of moderately priced things at Target and I feel like like a glamor goddess. (An oven thermometer! Wowwwwww.)

Perhaps the most thrilling of our new purchases was a suspension shower caddy. Look at our bathroom before. (The horror!)

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

The brawn of the operation got that thing together in no time flat.

Shower Stuff from Rachel Schultz

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

Oh, how I love that gleaming oil-rubbed-bronze tower of organization. It’s the simple things. One other simple thing that I’m (perhaps) disproportionately excited about is our new key hardware. Someone in our family has been known to leave her keys in the door. Sometimes overnight. These pretty hooks are Dave’s solution to get me to remember. How sweet. They’re from World Market (only $2).

Shower Stuff from Rachel Schultz

To see everything about this place we call home, check out the apartment tab.

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