July 30, 2015

While closing on our home, we had people ask if there were any projects we would work on before moving in. Because we are coming from a small apartment, the house is going to be laughably empty of furnishings for a while. For that reason, as well as a few scheduling things, we decided go ahead and tackle all projects while in residence. The place will be so empty! Clearing out a room would be no problem.

The other big question: what will you do first?

What a decision! There are so many things I want to do, so thankfully the monetary piece of the puzzle keeps us from taking on too many projects all at once. I strategized about what might make the biggest impact with our remaining dollars after the down payment. I also asked myself, what most bothers me about the house in its current condition?


The answer is the carpeting, specifically on the second floor. I went to David with my input and we agreed if we were going to start with a single big project (big in time, but mainly big financially) changing the flooring would bring the most transformation to the most rooms. Plus, it would only become harder as time passed and we had more furniture.

We would like for both levels to eventually be all hardwood (except for the bathrooms). I want lay the flooring a whole floor at a time rather than room by room to keep the transitions seamless. Many might have chosen to hardwood on the main level first, it being the one guests would see and where more living is done. There are a few reasons we wanted the second floor done earlier.

For one, the bedrooms’ carpet was in the worst condition. Gross carpet really makes me squirm. This stuff was not that bad, but it is just one of my little cleanliness quirks. I like being able to lay on the floor without visions of horror rushing through my mind of what uncleanliness has roamed in those fibers.


Secondly, the first floor has more variety in flooring – tile in the entry and powder room and a laminate hardwood in the kitchen. That means only the office, dining room, and living room are carpeted and it is at least a decent neutral color. The master bedroom (and bathroom!), however, have blue carpet.

Now we begin the search for some affordable hardwoods. And yes, we plan on DIYing the install!

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  • Rachel

    Eewww Carpet in the bathroom must get fixed stat!… Who knows what hit that floor.

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