May 16, 2016

David once named the sunroom the area of the house he is most excited for in its finished state. It has potential, and seeing it making a little progress gives me eyes to see how nice it really could be. (Whereas now I just think of it as the empty space I stare at from the living room.)

When we moved in, the room had a blue carpet-meets-astroturf. All the details of removing it and the plywood underneath are in this post. Just getting down to wood beams was an improvement.


To prep the floors for paint (white, of course), we did a soap and water scrub with some light sanding. Follow up with a shop-vac. We considered powerwashing, but we did not want the paint anywhere else is get sprayed off too, so we did everything by hand.

The product I used was Valspar’s Latex Porch & Floor paint.


The editing on this photo does not show it a whole lot, but after the first coat the walls and floor were really clashing. The floor paint was a harsh pure white (I did not have them tint it at all) and the side of the house and such are comparatively very cream.

I went back and had it tinted to Behr’s Palais White. Even after the second coat it is not looking cream enough. The paint mixing was not exactly down to a science because my guy was 1) color matching (which I never trust) and 2) cutting the formula in half since I only had half a can of paint left. Lots of room for error.

REFINISHING THE SUNROOM FLOOR from Rachel Schultz copy 2

Maybe its standing out now because the room is empty and later I will not mind. Or, I will later still very much mind and just paint again! I think very cream whites are going to be the key out here, for the furniture too.

Speaking of furniture, David has already finished building our new outdoor dining table! It is amazing and I am so impressed. I plan to convince him to write a tutorial for it.

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  • Dan

    Your house renovation updates are awesome, keep them coming.
    Please (!) post that table tutorial. Thanks.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Dan! Will do.

  • Chris

    This is such a nice space. Our sunroom is one of the main reasons that we bought this house. The original owners had it as only a screen room and then decided to have vinyl coverings made for the “windows”. We just ordered new thermopane windows for it – we can install them ourselves as they are pocket windows. It’s only about 8’x13′ and is all windows – really nice to look out on the gardens. My husband put AC in 2 years ago and we’re currently about to sign a contract to install heat. We have a huge basement but this space as well as a den are on a crawlspace – not a fun job for anyone to go under there – even though it’s in like-new shape. Our goal is to be able to use the room much later into the season. We’re in the Chicago area so maybe this will allow us to be out there until maybe even November…we’ll have to see. I really love the white floor.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Chris. When in doubt I go with white : ) We’d love to be out here in November. Then again it snowed yesterday so maybe not!

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