September 27, 2016

We decided we wanted to make an at least temporary fix for our master bath floors. When we left off, water damage was discovered so we backed away slowly and closed the door while we continued work on other endeavors.

What we have done now is a band-aid fix to make it less scary. Otherwise, this bathroom has been completely untouched. We will do an almost total gut job in here.

temporary-flooring-for-the-master-bath-copy temporary-flooring-for-the-master-bath-2-copy

The new tiles are completely stark white and all the other whites in here are so yellowed! To install these, David replaced the first layer of subfloor. The second layer could definitely use replacing too, but we will wait to do that until we start the rest of the room. For now, we used some inexpensive peel and stick tiles to make a uniform, clean surface

My long term vision for when we do this will be to probably have real ceramic tile in here. Maybe heated floors? I do not know anything about those, but will research. We are also going to rip out that shower and put a jacuzzi tub. I am hoping there will still be space to keep some of the shelving with the larger tub.


Above is when there was blue carpet in both the bedroom and bathroom! Now it is just a memory.Having these done makes me even more interested in what this room could become.

I think of our master bed and bath as the areas of the house that have to be the least kid friendly, so in here I will probably indulge myself in some more swanky decor pieces I would not use anywhere else. Like some long velvet curtains that pool at the bottom (inspired by these but in a different color – so chic I cannot handle).

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  • Katy

    Heated tile floors are SO NICE! When my parents built their house, they installed them in their master bath but not in my bathroom and it was so very sad. I have read that it’s not too terribly expensive to do.

    • Rachel Schultz

      yay, that’s great news.

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