In February 2013, we downsized to a 730 square foot apartment and have loved every single minute of it. Give yourself a tour. We’re always updating photos and adding to the to-do lists.

LIVING ROOM (80% complete)

These  walls are where we spend most of our time together: playing board games, reading, discussing if The Hobbit needed to be broken into three movies, etc.

Living Room Hopes & Dreamz from Rachel Schultz

Living Room from Rachel Schultz

Living Room from Rachel Schultz-2


MASTER BEDROOM (80% complete)

Our apartment’s master bedroom is also the only bedroom, and it has nice little perks we are thankful for: the pretty window’s view and the huge (to us) closet (yeah, our whole dresser fits in it).

Master Bedroom from Rachel Schultz

Master Bedroom from Rachel Schultz

BEDROOM GALLERY from Rachel Schultz

KITCHEN & DINING ROOM  (70% complete)

Lots of my time is spent here cooking and not doing dishes. My least fave thing about our apartment is there are no windows in the kitchen. Most of my decorating energy is spent trying to get over that.

Kitchen from Rachel Schultz

Kitchen from Rachel Schultz

Pantry from Rachel Schultz-3

from Rachel Schultz

PANTRY/NURSERY (33% complete)

In the biggest swing of room functionality, we are converting our under-optimized pantry into a nursery for our sweet baby Schultz. The room is about 5’4″ x 5’2″ and off the dining room. The reason organizing seemingly unrelated spaces in other rooms is on this list is because we hope that with those spaces purged and optimized, the refugee items from the former pantry will effortlessly be absorbed into another storage area.

Pantry from Rachel Schultz

A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz-6 copy

BATHROOM (75% complete)

Like our bedroom, our sole bathroom makes up for it’s solidarity in size. It’s pretty huge compared to our whole place’s square footage. The biggest challenge? Its unrelenting yellow-ness of light and everything in it.

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz


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