June 21, 2012

Well, we weren’t working with much before, so there was really not too many places to go but up regarding amount of furniture in our master bedroom. The new headboard and side tables were certainly helpful. We got the tables for a steal – only $12 at Walmart. They were originally black, but we spray painted them to a charcoal gray. You can’t see the difference here at all really notice it in person.

Up next is our new dresser which after a lot of missing parts and bad customer service from IKEA, was finally assembled. Shout out to BFF Elysia and her husband Daniel for lots of help moving it.


We considered having it parallel to the bed, but it was much too cramped.

The bed and dresser now face each other. Our only indecision is which should go beneath the window and which should go on the opposite wall. To me, it comes down to what would look better with art above it. The bed…

…or the dresser.

Only time will tell. I’m leaning toward dresser.

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  • You have a grate sense of interior designing.Now your bedroom looks nice with nice and graceful furniture.Really like the idea

    • Rachel Schultz


  • You have such an eye for design! I love it. Everything looks great!

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