June 27, 2012

Mom Schultz found this on the side of the road totally FREE!

Under Dinah’s instruction, David and I are about to get a lesson in Refurbishing Furniture 101. Our plan is to paint it white to add another side table in our Living Room.

I love the little lion. I kept telling David this project was “Restoring the Roar.” For the Detroit Lions nation, I’m not sure if this is condescending or motivating.

We are trucking along, working on preparing to paint it white, until we made a quite a discovery. Underneath the chipping yellow is beautiful cherry wood.

Mission to spray paint white abandoned, we are now going to strip the yellow paint off and bring back the wood finish.

Our gracious and knowledgable guide introduced us to Citristrip. It works like a charm and is even safe indoors. Well, the stripping was going perfectly, but I found myself thinking the wood was a little too cherry and the red tones wouldn’t be right for our Living Room. All that to say, welcome back, white. Why did I ever doubt you?

David started his new job yesterday and works from 9am – 6pm. I guess I got too spoiled getting to spend all day everyday with him as newlyweds.

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  • Carol Harris

    Where did you find the Globe? and was it a (buy) thrifty, that is?

    • The globe was a thrift store find, but there is a very similar one at Pottery Barn!


  • You are so lucky to have a husband that likes to do that kinds of stuff with you!

  • Whoaaa so cool!

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