February 9, 2013

YEAR ONE from Rachel Schultz

Happy B-Day, Blog. I’m so glad you were born. And today begins your birthday WEEK. Let’s start with some firsts & favorites.

My very first post: This site originally started as Dave and my wedding website. But, not one to ever do anything half-hearted, I kept posting and posting and the site morphed into recipes I was trying, crafts I was doing, and many other bits & pieces of life. But, being the wedding blog it once was, my first post was none other than our Save the Date. (Reminder: STD is not an acceptable abbreviation.)

Save the Date by Rachel Schultz

My very first comment: To what can I compare a blogger’s thrill of receiving her first comment? Finally. Validation. I don’t feel as if I’m writing to an audience of exactly 0.0 readers. (Except for Dave & my mom, of course). That very first comment was from my dear friend (and wedding photographer!) and blogger over at Dish & Tell, Emily on my post about how I was feeling wedding planning.

“Amennnn, sister. Love it. (And I do think your dress is perfect hehe)”

My favorite posts from this year: Choosing my most favorite-est posts is tough, like choosing a favorite candy bar (all of which I cherish so deeply).  Here’s my top 5 from the past year. Not based on clicks or feedback, but just how much I enjoyed writing them. (Aw.)

  1. Our First Christmas Card
  2. Seasons of Love
  3. Get the China Out
  4. 2 Peter 1:3-11
  5. David Lee Schultz

Here’s a recap of what happened in Blog’s Birthday Week.
Saturday: Firsts & Favorites
Sunday: Numbers & Stats, if you’re curious how the figures shake out around here 
Monday: How to Blog as a Career (or at least how I do)
Tuesday: A Day in the Life, what I do every day as a full-time blogger (since it’s everyone’s #1 question). The answer is not watch Judge Judy all day. (Actually, sometimes it is.)
Wednesday: From Conception to Publishing, timeline of how a post is born
Thursday: Goals, some healthy reflection time for year two. AND I want to hear from YOU, reader.

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