February 10, 2013

For how not arithmetically gifted I was in college, I’m about to get a pretty numerical. Here’s some interesting numbers to reflect on for the first year of my blog’s life. (Can I preface this by saying my hope is there’s nothing brag-y or competition driven about sharing these? I’m just here to celebrate it. And after all, most of these numbers wouldn’t be possible without you, the people reading my page.)

YEAR ONE from Rachel Schultz

4,665,884: The number of all-time hits received (um, wow)

316: The number of posts written in the past year

4,199: The number of comments left by YOU, lovely readers

8: The number of chocolate covered pretzels I’ve eaten since beginning writing this post

1,860: The number of spam comments caught by my filter

13.2: Average number of comments left per post

28: The number in pounds of white rice we’ve eaten as a couple the past year

70,437: Highest number of hits received in a single day

76.4%: Average percentage of site visitors who are first-timers

95.5%: Percentage of readers that are female

1,145: The number of likes on the RSB Facebook page

0: The number of times I have referred to Dave as my “hubby” (Can I say this? In my humble opinion, I’m just not a fan of the term).

1,076: The number of photos uploaded to this site

Countless: The number of times while writing I just add -y to make a new word

7,827: Followers on Pinterest

1,156: The number of pins I’ve pinned (seriously, Pinterest is the best)

Every: The number of days I love what I do and am thankful I get to do it (sappy but true)

Here’s a recap of what happened in Blog’s Birthday Week.
Saturday: Firsts & Favorites
Sunday: Numbers & Stats, if you’re curious how the figures shake out around here 
Monday: How to Blog as a Career (or at least how I do)
Tuesday: A Day in the Life, what I do every day as a full-time blogger (since it’s everyone’s #1 question). The answer is not watch Judge Judy all day. (Actually, sometimes it is.)
Wednesday: From Conception to Publishing, timeline of how a post is born
Thursday: Goals, some healthy reflection time for year two. AND I want to hear from YOU, reader.

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  • Cassandra Potter

    Congrats and happy birthday blog! If Rachel doesn’t like the word “hubby” yet enjoys adding “y” to the end of words, is she willing to try “husbandy”?

    • Rachel Schultz

      A very great suggestion. I may try it out.

  • Nik

    Whoa! 4,000,000 hits?! I had no idea your blog was so huge! I just came across some good recipes one day and thought it was cute, so I’ve been coming back to read from time to time. .. now I feel kind of weird about commenting. . . like thousands of people might be reading! How can you stand that pressure? Haha! What a great idea you had to post about what you’re making for dinner. I wonder if I would feel less kitchen-related drudgery if I took cute pictures of what I was making and posted it online. I would definitely feel a need to spruce up my repertoire!
    Happy Birthday! :-)
    P.S. If I enter my email in the space above the comment box, does it get published with my comment? Just curious.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Haha! Blogging is great if you ever decide to try it. I don’t usually think to long about all the people reading my blog. But, I can assure you commenting is safe. And thank you for reading! :)

      • Nik

        I love that you respond! I have so little time to sit at the computer, so it’s kind of a big deal for me to take time to frequently read a blog. . . it feels more personal to actually get a response when I type a comment! I have a blog, but I’m too cyberchicken to take it off the private setting. I have small children, though. I’m sure I would feel differently if it was just the hubs and me. Do you also hate the word hubs? Lol!
        So, the email address–are you the only one who sees the email addresses left in the “email” box at the top of a new comment?

        • Rachel Schultz

          That’s great to hear. I enjoy interacting with everybody. I understand the safety concern. I’ve thought about that too. And yes, e-mail addresses are NOT publicly visible.

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