February 12, 2013

I wouldn’t say that I love and look forward to conversations where I have to explain to an old person what I do for a living. (No disrespect for the elderly. But come on, you know most of you aren’t too technology-inclined.) I’m guessing there are many times where another person and I part ways with them thinking I am unemployed. But, that’s okay. And if you’ve thought that before, maybe this post will disprove (or confirm) what you think about professional bloggers.

YEAR ONE from Rachel Schultz

This is an average weekday.

8:00 Ideally, I’d like to wake up at 7:00, but I am NOT a morning person. Some people will try to tell you there is no such thing as a morning person, that it’s all just habit. I think they’re wrong. But I guess we should define our terms. “Morning person” isn’t when you wake up, but what your prominent emotion and worldview is when you wake up. So, I am disciplined to wake up early everyday, but my prominent emotion and worldview when I wake up is anger. Even if I got a full night’s rest. I combat this with a strict morning ritual.

8:01 Put eye drops in eyes. (Still in bed). Walk to the kitchen and have a drink of water. (Don’t worry, the whole day won’t be this detailed). Dave is already at work.

8:05 Take a bubble bath and read a book about theology. Okay, this might seem ridiculous, but I have to have the first thing I do after I wake up be something I really look forward to doing. This way, it will truly motivate me to get out of those warm, soft blankets.

8:35 Drink 16 ounces of water. Then, post up on couch and read the Bible. (More info on my method here.)

9:00 I eat something. (Unfortunately, it’s probably cake.) This is when you could say I “arrive at work” for the day. I read e-mails and new comments that have arrived, check the blogs I follow, do some creative brainstorming from Pinterest for future posts or projects, and review stats and traffic levels from the day before.

10:00 More often than not, something on the “back-end,” or tech-side of things is needing to be improved. I work on that for a while with my limited amount of knowledge. I rely on Google and my seriously wonderful, best-ever web host: Liquidweb. I’m always thinking of ways to make my site better.  This is also when I usually do financial bookkeeping or correspond with my agent.

11:00 Hopefully, at this time I’m feeling inspired and I write. If I’m really on a roll, I write the text for lots of posts. I schedule my posts in advance, so every day a new post goes up, but not everyday do I log on and write.

12:00 Lunch!!

1:00 Time to head to the kitchen. If what we’re having for dinner is a recipe I will post on the blog, I make it now, when daylight is best for photos. (Sadly, Dave often lives with re-heated dinners, but he’s gracious and doesn’t mind). This time also includes experimenting and developing future recipes. Or, if I’m working on DIY project, I do this now instead of cooking.

3:00 I respond to comments and e-mails and other forms of social media interactions. If I get done with this ahead of time, I try to meet up with, write, or call a friend for some quality hang out time. (Must keep social life going.)

4:00 Sunlight has probably left (depending on the season) and thus photos have come to a hault. I run any errands to get any supplies I need for an upcoming project. If I don’t have errands, I edit photos for the text I wrote for earlier and hopefully have some posts ready-to-publish.

5:30 I clean up any bombs that have gone off around the house, so Dave can come home to a tidy place. If dinner wasn’t made earlier, I make it now.

6:13 Dave comes home!! Dinner and prayer and talking (my favorite).

7:00 While David has some time to himself, usually I make the rounds on social media, giving updates and sharing photos of whatever post went live that day. I would do this earlier, but these are the peak hours for internet usage. Aside from this, I try to be done with work when Dave is home for maximum time together. (And for keeping myself on a sort of 9-5 schedule. This blog could easily become a 24/7 thing if I don’t put up boundaries.)

8:00  Who knows what we’ll do here – go to small group, play a board game, work out, social events, read, or watch a movie/TV show.

10:00 We try to be in bed. That’s right, I get 10 hours of sleep every night. I need it. Also, I like to think my cells are super-regenerated because of it. (Fun fact: I heard Lebron James gets 16 hours.)

Here’s a recap of what happened in Blog’s Birthday Week.
Saturday: Firsts & Favorites
Sunday: Numbers & Stats, if you’re curious how the figures shake out around here 
Monday: How to Blog as a Career (or at least how I do)
Tuesday: A Day in the Life, what I do every day as a full-time blogger (since it’s everyone’s #1 question). The answer is not watch Judge Judy all day. (Actually, sometimes it is.)
Wednesday: From Conception to Publishing, timeline of how a post is born
Thursday: Goals, some healthy reflection time for year two. AND I want to hear from YOU, reader.

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  • Thanks for sharing Rachel! I also work from home and am trying to figure out a schedule that works best for me. Any tips on how to resist time-wasting distractions?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I find it is a big help to get dressed everyday and I make lots of to-do lists.

  • I was so encouraged and inspired by this post! I have a jewelry business/blog that i started up and I feel like it is the most thrilling but time consuming adventure I have been on! And I am a newlywed with a hubs who works full time, and I work at a church… PHEW! This was helpful for me to structure my days ;)

    Cant wait to read through some more!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks, Rachael. I’m so glad!

  • HA! I love that you read theology in the bathtub. Only you, Rachie.


    • Rachel Schultz

      Haha, thanks em!

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