April 7, 2013

There’s something about the crispness of a perfectly symmetrical gallery that evokes just the right mix of modern and traditional. I love this chic, yet pleasantly casual clipboard gallery. When hanging art above a couch, it will be most visually pleasing when about 2/3 the couch’s width. For example, a 60 inch couch should have a 40 inch wide piece (or collection of pieces). Also, the lowest point of the art should be no higher than 8 inches above the top of the couch.

This may feel a bit low at first (it did to me), but it proves to have the best balance with most ceiling heights.

Clipboard Art Gallery from Rachel Schultz

Nailing up the clipboards was a breeze and the whole project was finished in less than 30 minutes. While being super quick, it’s at the same time sort-of never ending in that we will always be swapping and perfecting the mementos we have on display.

TOTAL COST: $15.79 for 10 clipboards at $1.49 a piece
PS: I used regular ol’ finishing nails, but these would be awesome. Prettiest nails ever!

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