April 21, 2013

Apartments. Paint.

Sometimes they don’t go hand in hand. After filling out some tedious paperwork, we got the go ahead from our landlord. Keeping in mind we have to change everything back when we move out. Worth it. But, I want to paint sparingly, in the smallest ways that will have the most dramatic effect.

So what was painted? There was a sneak peek in this bench post. Our dining room AND kitchen got the treatment. (At least part of them, only 3 walls in total). And what color? I instagram-ed some considerations.

Dining Room from Rachel Schultz

We picked a lovely navy blue with a hint of dusty gray-ness. I swoon. It’s Sherwin Williams’ Sea Serpent. (If David was at all on the fence about the color – he definitely got off the fence upon hearing it’s rad name.)

Dining Room from Rachel Schultz

It felt like the painting went fast. Maybe because it was only three walls? Dave made this nifty paint holder from a milk carton for me. Genius! Why didn’t I think of this?

Painting by Rachel Schultz

I basically only ever use flat finish, but for this I went with eggshell (which feels really high-gloss to me.)


And here it is DONE. In this dining room photo, it looks really bright blue on the side wall. Not sure why? Looks like my camera lens took some creative liberties in capturing this one. What it looks like in person is like in the iphone photos above.

Dining Room from Rachel Schultz

Dining Room from Rachel Schultz

It gets me every time how much paint transforms a space. To see everything about this place we call home, check out the apartment tab.

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