May 29, 2013

The end wall of our kitchen is big and bare. I’ve seen lots of apartments with kitchens shaped like this and that wall is just asking for some art to be hung on it. We have a big, unused white IKEA frame that would be a nice pop with the navy walls.

Dining Room from Rachel Schultz

Printing a 20×20 custom photo for the frame would definitely look cool, but I’d rather not lay down the cash for it. All over Pinterest there’s so much inspiration for how lots of unconventional things can be art. Many have made some rooms look pretty fresh by framing pretty fabrics.

Turning Fabric into Art from Rachel Schultz

David bought this scarf when we were in Istanbul. He never wears it (as he refuses to attempt the euro-chic-male-look.) I folded it up and matted in in the frame. An extra bonus is it covers our fuse box. Functional? Sentimental? Free? Stylistic? Check. Check. Check. Check.

Turning Fabric into Art from Rachel Schultz

Andddd, another exciting update is we did a major clean out + organize of our pantry. Things are sorted and accessible and I love it.

Pantry from Rachel Schultz

Plus, we purchased a sturdy, wooden paper towel holder for where there was none and a cute riveted jar for storing rice. All this stuff got our kitchen feelin’ right. To see everything about this place we call home, check out the apartment tab.

Turning Fabric into Art from Rachel Schultz

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