June 11, 2013

After we painted our coffee table white, I knew just what I wanted. And that was a totally scrumptious-looking persian/turkish rug. How perfect for our living room would that be? So perfect. How expensive are those? So expensive.

Refurbishing a Hammered Copper Trash Can from Rachel Schultz

These are the trials of having expensive tastes, I suppose. I wasn’t too discouraged, however, because I was hopeful I’d find something nice used on craigslist or ebay. WRONG. First, my city’s craigslist is awful. Just the worst. Small selection and really overpriced. Then, on ebay everything was still a few hundred dollars and nothing was quite right. But, I was patient. Checking frequently for weeks.

I ended up on and saw this beacon of possibility. What? An 8×10 rug for $66. It looks beautiful, but this HAS to be too good to be true.

Making some rug dreams a reality from Rachel Schultz

This is the Paterson Collection Oriental Medallion Area Rug and it is, crazily enough really only $66. I showed David. We sat on it (mentally) for a few nights. We read the product reviews and studied the photos at a near forensic level. Then, I taped out the outline of the rug to get even more familiar with the thought of owning it. (Wait, is this getting too forensic?)

Making Some Rug Dreams a Reality from Rachel Schultz

Finally, we went for it! We felt comfortable making the buy for three reasons:

  1. In a future house, there will always be a place for a rug, like a basement or even a rambunctious (hypothetical) boy’s room. Right now the rug is going in our living room, but down the line we’ll likely have places like that where we don’t want a fine quality rug getting raked over. This one we can throw wherever with peace of mind.
  2. It’s sixty six dollars. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a saver more than a spender, but this is way lower than even any used rugs we saw anywhere else. We weren’t going to get a better deal than this. We tapered our expectations and anything thicker than a beach towel would be a considered a victory.
  3. Our apartment’s carpet isn’t particularly nice, so even if it’s low quality it’s not going to be less-soft than what we already have.

When it came, I went crazy with instagram and adrenaline, I decided to try and put it down myself.

Making Some Rug Dreams a Reality from Rachel Schultz

Putting down a rug in a fully furnished room is extremely difficult. Especially if you’re just one person.

Making Some Rug Dreams a Reality from Rachel Schultz

Fifteen minutes into the task, I immediately regretted not waiting for David to get home. The room was completely in shambles (waaaay worse than the above photo, although you can already see I  knocked a foot off the loveseat). But, I had to finish now. I got the rug down, but it was a seriously physically grueling task. At one point I was trapped under the couch. I worked on the whole thing for 45 minutes, and it still wasn’t positioned right, but it was down smoothly (albeit crooked) and I could wait for David to do the rest.

Making Some Rug Dreams a Reality from Rachel Schultz

Getting it just right with even two people was hard! But finally, it was down and positioned and it is perfect. We’re so in love! To address our fears on the other side of things (or if you’re thinking about buying one), it is on the thinner side, but not so thin that it gets bunched up or wrinkled. The ply is low (about 1/3 inch), but still quite soft (definitely not outdoor rug-esque.)

Making Some Rug Dreams a Reality from Rachel Schultz

It defines and completes the living room and brings some good color. I wasn’t expecting to get my rug dreams fulfilled this quickly, but it sort of makes me feel like phase one of the living room is complete! I still reallllly want a demilune or metal console to the left of the TV to get that lamp off the media table. (Try to read the last sentence in a not bratty sounding voice.) To see everything about this place we call home, check out the apartment tab.

Making Some Rug Dreams a Reality from Rachel Schultz

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  • Moriah

    I know this post is old, but I’m looking into purchasing this same rug and I was wondering how it has held up over time and if you are still satisfied with the quality. Some of the reviews I’ve read complain of a blurry pattern and inaccurate color representation.

    • Rachel Schultz

      I found the color representation accurate and nothing out of the ordinary for a rug as far as “blurriness.” My only critique is that it is a bit lightweight and wrinkles with traffic.

  • Vanessa chasebro

    So impressed with the way that rug looks, friend! I’m not really into that style of rugs, but one I saw the finished pic, I actually really like it. If love if you hated a post about how you guys budget for house stuff- I never know how to prioritize that. (I’d love to have a huge house budget, but obviously that’s not practical!)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks! That’s a great idea for a post, you’ve got my wheels turning…

      • Anonymous

        Ha- just realized my terrible iPhone typing errors. What an embarrassment! ;p

  • Katie

    love, that is :)

  • Katie

    that price for an 8×10 is a steal! I can’t help thinking that God was showing his live for you in a particular way with finding one at that price.

    love the forensic analogy.

    great post!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Haha! Thanks katie.

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