June 18, 2013

Tan on tan on tan on tan on tan is the story of our bedroom. In this world of bleh, something needs to stand out. It’s been a long time coming that I’ve known I wanted to ditch the gray pillowcases. Gray is not in our scheme for here anymore and if I see another neutral I’ll faint. Side note, I’m abandoning mustard yellow as the color to reupholster the chair. It’s too close to tan or beige and I can’t take anymore of that. Get ready for (possibly) some emerald green.

When I can bypass the eons of tacky holiday fabrics, Joann’s has some good finds. I found this crisp navy blue, red, and yellow pattern.

There’s something gentleman-ly about it. It’s the perfect complement for the floral-ish throws. (It’s like David and I represented through our pillows, no?)

How to DIY Standard Pillowcases from Rachel Schultz

After doing this, I’m absolutely kicking myself for every time I’ve paid for overpriced decorative pillowcases. Just buy the fabric and do it yourself! (And I’m anything but an expert sewer.)

  1. Wash and iron 1 yard of 45″ wide fabric.
  2. Fold fabric in half and trim to create a 33×22 rectangle (when folded).
  3. Unfold fabric with wrong side up. Turn up bottom edge 1/2 inch and press. Fold another 1/2 and press. Pin. Repeat on opposite edge. Sew.
  4. Flip fabric inside-out and sew interior flaps from folds together. (This creates the detailing you see in the photo below.)
  5. Turn up edge of one end of pillowcase and sew to seal.
  6. Turn up edge at opening and sew hem. Trim excess fabric.

How to DIY Standard Pillowcases from Rachel Schultz

I like this so much better than the gray! This room needs some more changes. I might be ready to abandon our quilt. It’s not making anything less drab. Once that chair is a new color, we’ll be well on it’s way to different-ness. I think it’s just the pop I’m needing.

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  • Cynthia Koller

    Sorry, didn’t realize they were behind the throw pillows!

  • Cynthia Koller

    Um, I don’t see the finished product???

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