June 25, 2013

A perfectly proportioned and arranged gallery can make a not-quite-there room a killer, effortlessly tied together space. Pulling that off is tough, though. In my opinion, it only looks good if 1) everything is super linear and the frames are identical, or  2) everything is completely un-identical and there is great diversity in frame shape, size, texture, color, and finish.

I liked the playful funky-ness of our clipboard art wall, but after living with it for several weeks, it was  too casual for this room. More linear-ness now, please.

Living Room from Rachel Schultz

The clipboards came down, and now they’re in a bag waiting to be returned (if the customer service wards have mercy on me). I picked up another 10 simple & crisp frames. We decided to go for an extremely modern art look.

Living Room from Rachel Schultz

KIDDING. They’re empty for now, ready to be straightened and filled with some muted, multi-color art that is to be determined. Even empty I like them in the room better.

Living Room from Rachel Schultz

To see everything about this place we call home, check out the apartment tab. Which I just completely updated with the latest photos and links!

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