July 2, 2013

No, the title of this post is not a riddle. Or is it?

Our unfortunate bathroom is a hazy yellow hue that makes patrons look dated and lifeless (no matter how styling your outfit undoubtedly is).  Everything in there is neutral colored, so the bold pattern of my hideous old shower curtain jumps out all the more. Looking at it hurts my eyes. And David is less than loving the girly-ness.

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz Some days I will ask David, “Want to go to Target and look at stuff?” Without question or explanation he’s like, “yeah, let’s go.” We just… get each other. We do this on the semi-regular. Because it is fun to go to Target and not buy anything.

EXCEPT for this occasion. Where we did buy something! ($24.99 marked down to $19.99).

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

My best friend, Elysia, has this shower curtain in her guest bathroom and David and I pine over it every time we stay at our vacation home their house. It’s just perfectly graphic, yet classic. Before we buy something for our home, we always ask if there would be a place for it if we moved. Will it be versatile and therefore a good decor investment long term? This guy earned a resounding yes, as he’s just so unique to look at and at the same time could go in many differently styled bathrooms.

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

Goodbye to the old one. I’ll keep you around for a drop cloth for painting projects.

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

Lest we forget, the name of this post is two curtains. Our second  is what we’ve got going on for the weird opening beneath our counter. I thought the only thing to fill in this space would be a storage ottoman, but those are straight expensive! With this scrap fabric from our living room curtains project and a suspension rod, we conceal our dirty laundry (literally) and all my hair products (which is actually just like, 1 can of hair spray).

Bathroom from Rachel Schultz

PS: I tried some high wattage light bulbs to cut the yellowy-ness. We’ll feel out if it helps after we live with them for a while. To see everything about this place we call home, check out the apartment tab.

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