July 27, 2013

This title has already clued you in that this post will be a tad dramatic.

Things came to a head with our bedroom when it was time for me to upholster our chair. Choosing colors for a piece that is kind of a big money investment and really a big time investment is always a bit tough. (Upholstery is hard work! I get why the professionals charge major bucks.) But, this decision has also served to point out that I have no idea where our bedroom’s style is headed. And I’ve at the same time been pursuing like, three incompatible looks. I NEED ONE DIRECTION. (That teenage band shout out was unintended. Or was it?)

My Bedrooms Pinterest board has a lot of diversity, but there is something I like about every room on it. In general, here are the two main style inspirations I’ve been drifting between.

First, I love this rustic, (and would totally be Dave-approved) cozy, eclectic cottage look all in one. When I found it, I had a “YES, this is it” moment. It has been my filter for if a potential purchase would be right for our bedroom. I love the olive green, woods, and mustard yellow. It is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine too (kudos!).

Liz Marie Blog

Photo: Liz Marie Blog

Then, I came across another very different bedroom. It’s slightly nautical (in the not annoying way) and crisp and classic and relaxing. I decided whenever we buy a house, this can be our inspiration for our new bedroom, and our current bedroom will become the guest room.

Kelly Wearstler

Photo: Marissa Waddell

That’s kind of my functional plan, but now I’m rethinking if I really want to continue going with the first bedroom as our goal. A major development contributing to this is that I’ve scrapped the dream of creating a pallet wall. It would just be a huge undertaking given our space and we’d have to find someone who would let us use their garage for a weekend because as much as I’ve pushed the limits of what DIY’s can be done in our 730 square foot apartment, even I know I must draw a line here. Also, the amount of stain we would need to buy would probably equal the cost of buying paint to paint the whole room. Plus, procuring that amount of pallets would be hard in our sedans. (We need 20 of them). It’s allure of being a cheap and removable apartment design choice has become negated.

Should I try some other type of wall feature that is painted? A stencil? Should I paint just one wall? Which wall would it be? Should I paint the whole room? One of the reasons I liked my original inspiration photo is it had white walls. If I’m going to paint should I abandon ship completely and go for something different?


Master Bedroom from Rachel Schultz

Colors that have been considered:

  1. Emerald green (that would totally clash with the first bedroom, if I am at all going to stay with it for inspiration)
  2. Navy blue (Ugh, seriously? I make everything navy blue)
  3. Mustard yellow (Too close to tan? I’m already trying to phase out those curtains and quilt)
  4. Olive green

Here’s a couple other images floating around my mind/complicating my vision. Because I like them ALL.

This one side wall painted could be nice for balance in our room. I’m hesitant to paint the wall the headboard is on, because that side of the room is already weighted as most of the furniture is on it. This space is kind of a blend of my first two, no?

NZ House

Photo: NZ House & Garden

If I want to keep the tans, I do like this room. It’s hard to toss out stuff you already have and lay down more cash for a revamp.

Desire to Inspire

Photo: Desire to Inspire

This was my most stream of consciousness post ever, and all of you will be receiving a certificate of achievement in the mail for making it the whole way through. I don’t really have more answers than I started with, but my ideas are a bit more organized. More to come! Answers soon! To see everything about this place we call home, check out the apartment tab.

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  • Sulli

    Oh, I am ALL over this post! This is me every single time I move.

    I vote for the very last photo! All you need to do is get a huge piece of natural art like they have and do the chair in a soft grey-blue (like the water in the inspiration photos photo). Swap the tan for crisp white curtains, and you are back in business,

    • Rachel Schultz

      Good to know I’m not alone! Thanks Sulli

  • Brigid

    A steel gray or silver could offset some of the tan nicely, while still being easily incorporated into any of the designs at a later date!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Ohh very true.

  • Lauren Macher

    Both Olive green and Navy would go with your current & possible future nautical room. If you want more contrast go for Navy. If you want a softer look go for Olive green. I have faith you’ll figure out what to do with the room!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Lauren!

  • Leslie

    Visit…. for some more inspiration. Great store. Wow sorry for the miss spelled words in my last post .. If your thinking of changing out the bedding, then don’t do the chair first ( if you do you”ll find yours focusing on the chair too much) …design around the bedding colors . If the bedding stays as is ( solid) then maybe get new bed pillows and perhaps add a throw on the bed with a pop of the same colors you choose for your new chair fabric.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks for all the good advice, Leslie! I love west elm too

  • Leslie

    Hi Rachel , Love the first room on your boards,., bare in mind they do sell pre diped stained Cedar planks in a varity of width, depending on where you buy them , perhaps they will/could cut them for you for a small price…. you could buy some interesting trim mold to finish out the top. I love the way it reaches the entire wall forming a tall headboard , but his concept can be any height.You have to realize this is also replacing any expensine of purchsing art pc that you may want to buy for above you bed. I love how the mirrors flank each side of the bed, Mirror will make you room appear larger. Your chair is an accent pc, so maybe it should pop a little , perhaps go to paint store and pull color chips that matches your rooms entire color palet, then take your color board to the fabric store. Find a nice larger scale print that perhaps is a little more current or or wide stripe using olive green as you main color … or if you like the monocromatic look of solids… then go for the texture of the fabric. Love the first board.. for a minute I thought you had redone your room. LOL

  • Alison

    I love the first picture, I can see the appeal of wanting to do a statement piece as opposed to painting the room. Not to mention a statement piece that you made. But I see the problem with actually accomplishing that very large undertaking. I know though that I have friends and family that wouldn’t mind me using their garage in exchange for spending some quality time together. I think all the pictures are fantastic, but based on you being “torn” it seems like you want to go for the first option but know it will be a considerable task.

    Now on that note, I vote olive green for the chair. It would go with all the styles (even the ocean theme because there is green in the ocean) Plus I love that color!

    • Rachel Schultz

      So true. Yes, I think I am gravitating toward olive. You may be on to something.

  • Rachel Schultz

    we just might do that now that you mention it…

  • Bridget

    Rachel I love your design choices! It’s very inspiring to watch what you do in your tiny apartment on a budget. We were a military family for years and I always tried to make our drab little military base housing as beautiful as possible so I understand the challenges you face in an apartment! My advice is you step away from the overall decision on the room for a minute and buy a fabric for the chair that speaks to you all on its own. Then, build the room around that. Once you are finished with the chair you will have a beautiful piece that you love, no matter where you live. I hope this helps. Can’t wait to see what you decide!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great advice, Bridget! Thanks for the wise comment.

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