August 5, 2013


Living Room

So many pieces of furniture are not in that spot. (We won’t discuss the other spaces that need something too. Ahem, other side of the TV.) Lots of research and price comparing and I found the vittsjo at IKEA for $70.


For a while I considered a demilune table here to break up the boxy-ness of many of the other pieces. Once I began entertaining a bookshelf, however, I fell in love with the vertical element it would bring to the room. And all the sculptural items I would undoubtedly fill it with would cut back on the rectangular overload everywhere else.

You may have noticed by now that the shelf pictured is black. It needs to be about ten times more fantastic and gold is just the color to do it. It’s a great hint of girly-ness without being over the top. Please meet Rebecca, my new 13 year old design assistant.


Together we did about 3-4 coats of Rustoleum metallic spray paint. The color is actually brass, not gold, to be precise. There’s about a million ways to go wrong with a shade of gold. This one is not too pink-y or yellow-y and not too glittery.


I got that thing home and bookshelf-styled my brains out. This piece did a lot of great things for us. First, our apartment isn’t very big, but we are also not stretching ourselves to fit all our stuff. We don’t have very many things (and like to keep it that way). Think of us as anti-pack rat. By no means have we maxed out of storage possibilites. We really don’t even have that much furniture. Adding this bookshelf was like, “woah, I feel like the Queen of England with all this fancy vertical storage for books & knick knacks.”


Second, it totally brought interest to that dead area. We’re still working on slowly procuring the basics, so before now there hasn’t been a lot of accessorizing for lack of table surface area.


Great news! The box of books in our closet that we didn’t have space for are now being artfully displayed, freeing up more closet space.

Oh, and also, bad news! In my need for a million books to furnish that thing, I kind of pillaged our media table.


I really liked the look of the books lined up under the mounted TV. It added great color and kind of represented our TV to book time-spent-life-ratio. (The Schultzes are kind of readers. TV rots your brain, right?)

Now the media table is bare and the room’s balance is totally thrown into a tailspin. Eventually we’d like an armchair there, but I don’t see one of those on the horizon. (I’m still trying to crank out the one for the bedroom from like, three months ago.)


In conclusion, our bookshelf looks banging and now some other things need more attention. The media table must either get taller or I have to think of something else that would look good across it since I’ve maxed out on books we own. Two steps forward, plus half a step back still puts us ultimately at 1.5 steps forward, and so I will fall asleep tonight happy with dreams of earthquake-proofing our shelf to the wall.

To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.


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  • Paige

    I love that shelf, it looks great! Do You know if vinyl records would fit on the shelf? I need a shelf that can hold my hubby’s growing collection.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, I think they would.

  • Katie

    I love your bookshelf and how you organized it! Definitely stylish. Maybe to add interest to the TV table you guys could either paint the TV stand or the wall behind it an interesting color. =)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes! I’ve considered that. Thanks katie

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