August 10, 2013

Here’s a couple big things. First, I pulled a mini-trigger and ordered (a swatch of) fabric to reupholster my chair! I’m still deciding if it is going to work. The fabric is “velvet,” but not the lush velvet that I think of when I think velvet. Also, the color that claimed to be olive green was a bit celery green in disguise! Traitor! Et tu celery green?  If this doesn’t work, I may just have to hop in the car and hit up some bigger cities to get my paws on some fab fabric.

Next, from writing my post about all of my indecisiveness my mind was cleared and Dave and I had a good talk about the bedroom. WE CONCLUDED WE ARE GOING TO PAINT ONE WALL. Which wall? WE CONCLUDED WE WILL PAINT THE WALL THE DOOR IS ON.

Each one was up for debate and had it’s own pros and cons as a paint candidate. We eliminated the one the bed is on because it seemed too “obvious” in a match-y, match-y/I-bought-all-my-furniture-from-the-same-store way. (I spent about 30 minutes trying to explain to Dave what I meant that stylistically something is “too obvious,” so we’ll just leave it at that.)


For this reason, the door wall was my favorite because it seemed least expected. The main drawback on that, however, would be that when you first walk in, you wouldn’t see the paint. To get all our paint bang for buck, would it be worth it?

HOWEVER. Every other wall in the bedroom has something anchoring it. The bed, a window, or the closet. EXCEPT the door wall. And really balance was perhaps the most important thing. It was settled. Once we decided which wall, the color was still TBD, but we hang our design-hats up for the night.

The next day I totally lightbulbed that we still have Sea Serpent from the dining room! I ran the idea by Dave and (perhaps largely because of the $0.00 cost of the paint) he approved the color. (And he just loves that name. Who wouldn’t?)


When he got home from work the next day, I had already finished the job to surprise him. (Turns out he was going to try to do the same to surprise me next time I was out of the house! What a delightful soul he is. )

The best part of it all is the only con we could think of for that wall was that you wouldn’t notice it when you first walk in, but you totally can notice it. I mean, color isn’t visible, but when looking at the rest of the room the light is completely changed and totally warmer. WE HAD OUR CAKE AND ATE IT TOO. And it does it’s part to tie the whole apartment together more.

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