August 29, 2013

This is our ottoman before. My mom got it at a thrift store or yard sale I think, maybe 10 years ago. It’s pretty neat. I like the olive color and tufting. I’ve used it through college. It’s nice to have a piece to throw here or there and add interest to a space.


Maybe I’ve gotten more confident and creative from my bout with upholstering, because I was staring at the little guy one afternoon and got an idea. That skirt is totally dating him (and not in the good, vintage-y way). I now know how easy something like that would be to remove. I flipped him over and went at it with my flat head screw driver and pliers.

DSC_0012 DSC_0013

I didn’t even knew how pretty the little feet were. Has ever the saying I’m so three thousand and eight; you’re so two thousand and late been more appropriate? Skirted upholstery is almost always bad. Just say no. It’s so easy to remove you have no excuse.


Since we’re here. Let’s discuss the media table. There was a mass exodus of the books filling it when we got our snazzy new gold shelf. It was well worth it to adorn the shelving, but it left our media table, cold, alone, scared, and looking odd.


I see three options. (And in that photo you can see a weird hybrid of two of them.)

  1. Books. I liked them colorfully lined across the top. (See it here.) It added interest without being distracting. This option would take time and considerable cash money.
  2. Photo frames. With what we already have, I could probably curate the frames and prints for this for about $20. But, do we like the look? Right now we’re living with some stand-ins to decide.
  3. We have some vintage wire storage baskets. They’re cool and symetrical and would give storage. But, some are currently in use storing other things in various closets. And it’s just not as good as the books.

Which one will we do? Only time will tell. To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.

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  • adam

    garage sales typically have lots of books on the cheap, rather than having your favorite reads laid out, possibly go with a color theme of books to tie the room together (not that it’s not pulled together as is).

    also, have you thought of staining the legs of the ottoman to match the rest of the wood in the room?

    xoxoxoxoxo adam

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great ideas! I’d always thought I’d want to get books I actually like, but having them more for art than function is a great idea.

      And yes. I’ll probably do a phase 2 on the ottoman to match the chair once it’s upholstered.

      xoxoxoxoxo right back at ya

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