September 11, 2013

No one is surprised.

Every time I see something, I almost always think: that’d look better gold. I’m pumping the breaks for stuff in our house. If we do too much more gold, we may approach Bond-villain status.

As a side note, I tweeted this week my dilemma about the new iPhone. (Group eye roll). I need (I say “need” in relative terms) a new one and cannot decide between the classic white or the new champagne one aka gold. (Another group eye roll). I can’t be trusted with this decision. Someone please decide for me. This is a two year commitment!

A much easier decision was to buy this delightfully kitsch mirror I found at a nursing home garage sale. It was $7 and even if something is reasonably priced, I just can’t not try to get it for $2 less. And thus I walked away with it for $5. (Walked is generous, as I was more hobbling because it is heavy as all get out.)


Although it’s made to go horizontal, when I saw it I wanted it vertically for the left of the TV in the living room. David pointed out, 1) it’s not vertically symetrical, so the detailing would be off AND THAT WOULD DRIVE ME MAD. And 2) It would go behind where the (some day) upholstered chair will go and that means a lamp would be in front of it, which could do weird, migraine-inducing things to the light.

Wise David turned my attention to the wall of the dining room which is painfully bare, but it also needs something HUGE to fill the space adequately.

Dining Room from Rachel Schultz

How right David was that the mirror would be perfect. It is largely sculptural which contrasts great with the the blocky-ness of the cabinets. The light in here is really bad, so the mirror brightens it up nice. Plus, GOLD! It always fits.

going up

(As if positioning things on the wall isn’t hard enough, I have him hold even longer for pictures. What a guy!)

Once there is a buffet here that extends a foot or so out on each side of the mirror and is artfully adorned with trinkets of my choosing (and a less-yellow light source), it will be a dining room dream come true.


I really like how it’s painted right now, so that makes it an even better purchase. I have too many other (okay, just one) painting project(s) in my friend’s garage that I need to deal with first. As a side note, I’m having a really tough time getting the mirror clean and not streaky. Regular windex isn’t working. Guess I’ll keep trying stuff.

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  • Sherry

    I always get streaks from what I am wiping with, not from the product used. I always do windows/mirrors with old newspaper or coffee filters. An old Army brat who would get in trouble on base and have to clean a lot of glass taught me those tricks and I have never looked back. I can’t help with the phone, sorry.

  • Gail S

    Try the vinegar with some Dawn mixed with it. Bar Keepers Friend is more like a scouring powder & I’d think it would scratch the mirror. As for the phone I got the iPhone5 when it came out last year and it’s white. I love it, but then my only other option was black. I like to switch cases as I found a really cheap place to buy them so white goes with anything. Also free shipping.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Gail!

  • Rebecca

    Vinegar and water mixture works great for my mirrors. OR I’ve heard good things about a product called Bar Keeper’s Friend. I used to have a mirror similar. Loved it. Painted it. Husband didn’t like it. Now it’s gone.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks so much! I tried again yesterday and it wasn’t much better, so I may give these a shot.

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