September 21, 2013

I recently shared that one of David and my standard operating procedures is to learn from other couples and families. Sometimes they don’t even know they’re teaching us. For example, after visiting someone’s house for dinner or an overnight stay, we debrief on things they did that we liked and try to implement them.

This is one such story.


Our trash can was a uber ugly one we got at Wal-Mart for maybe $15. It was small and narrow because we had a strange cupboard/nook in our old house that he had to fit in. It’s too tiny to adequately hold normal sized bags. But we’ve just been rolling with it for over a year.

I started to want to buy a trash can that was really pretty, but they’re cray-cray expensive. I like this one Martha has. But can we agree a new waste receptacle isn’t exactly something one feels giddy to splurge on?

And then we visited some friends who don’t have a kitchen trash can. Well, they have one, but it’s a baby one like you’d have in a bathroom.


I at first gasped at the thought, and was like “impossible!,” “witchcraft!” But then I saw how do-able it is. Plus, there are immediate perks.

  1. Never buy trash bags again! We just use the small ones our groceries come in.
  2. The can is not visible. I LIKE THAT A LOT. It makes our dining room/kitchen look more crisp and clean.
  3. Your garbage never gets smelly because you take it our frequently

There’s a few caveats that make this work. First, we don’t produce a whole ton of trash. I don’t see this working for a family of 6, but for young couples like us, it’s a dream. Also, you do have to take the trash out more often, but we actually find it easier. We almost never forget do it like when we had a big bag because we’re in the state of mind that if you’re leaving, grab a bag of trash.


Oh! and I just thought of another perk that when you’re cooking you can pull it out, move it around, and throw stuff in. It replaces the “garbage bowl” concept.

This isn’t anything too groundbreaking in trash disposal (although it felt that way for us.) Above all, I am happy it makes room for our non-existant, yet still imminent (hopefully) dining room buffet.

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  • Sarah

    My husband has followed this method of kitchen trash disposal for years! I married into it thinking *gasp* shock/horror how can this work? But surprisingly for just the two of us it is totally logical! Plus I found that for my over sensitive nose, taking out the trash every day has eliminated the dreadful trash can odor. Glad to see this method working for others too!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, we totally agree!

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