September 24, 2013

Books are kind of my thing. I go through them faster than I acquire them. Sometimes bad covers happen to good books. I am reading Bible Doctrine by Wayne Grudem. The book is good. The cover? It hurts my eyes and makes me feel sad feelings. I’m sorry, Wayne. It’s simply not for me. If you’re thinking I could’ve just found another edition with different cover art, I totally checked. There is no such thing, unless I go to England or something.

And that is how I arrived at this tres neat idea for covering books. It uses fabric, but has a permanent, snug fit compared to those saggy cloth ones I had to buy in middle school.

Fabric Covered Book Tutorial from Rachel Schultz


  1. Fabric (I only needed half a yard, but it will depend on book size)
  2. Spray adhesive (I used Krylon Spray Adhesive All-Purpose 7010)
  3. Modge podge & a sponge brush (This is optional, it will give your edges some extra smoothness and security)
  4. Scissors (Every other item had a parenthesis, so I felt this one must too)


  1. Lay your fabric on a flat surface. Open your book and trim fabric 2 inches outside of book edge on all sides. Spray adhesive on book and tightly push fabric onto exterior, taking care to press in on the grooves of the spine area.
  2. Slice of the corners, leaving about 1/8 inch fabric from edge to tip of book’s corner. Cut two slits in fabric at the top and bottom of spine.
  3. Slide flap into spine and close book to adhere. (You could brush a dab of modge podge on the flap before inserting for extra strength).
  4. Fold excess fabric in on front and back covers, applying extra spray glue or some modge podge if necessary. And you’re done!

At first I struggled to find a fabric I liked. Well, scratch that, I found LOTS of fabrics I liked that were floral, but I didn’t want to reign femininity on my husband if he ever wanted to read this in public. This one is masculine and I still dig it too.

Couldn’t I totally go wild doing fun book covers of old, bad thrift store books? The answer is yes, yes I could. And I most likely will go hog wild.

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  • Amber

    Love this!! I assume the same idea would work on soft cover bibles as well. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Katie

    Wow! What an awesome idea! I totally agree with you.
    I will add this to my to read list, you’re book recommendations are great, I really loved “Sacred Marriage.”

  • Yessss, I love this. I’ve got a few books that I wouldn’t mind changing the cover. I’ve got a ton of book from bible school still hanging around and let’s just saw, the insides are a little more important.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Haha! Yep, I know what you mean.

  • Kate

    I have this same book and have always held the same impression of its looks. The looks make such a wonderful book so intimidating. Brilliant idea with the cover!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks! Hope you can try it out too.

  • What a fabulous idea. Talk about a perfect way to make books (even!) better!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks! I’m really happy with how it turned out.

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