September 28, 2013

Hi. This is a break from your regularly scheduled programming for a word from Rach.

This week has been quite busy. (I know, I hate reading any paragraph that starts with that sentence.) I’ve been bustling about trying to do double-time on work to make up for an upcoming week where David is taking vacation time. That way we can both kind of be on vacay together. PLUS, I signed up for a new exercise class called Pure Barre, which is the best. And I’m trying to go a lot to get my money’s worth.

Then a totally killer sinus infection happened to me starting Wednesday night. And man, it wiped me out. It might be the most sick I’ve ever been. Yesterday I couldn’t even lift my head up without help. But with a trip to the doctor and some TLC from the David himself, I’m feeling much better.

I have tons of pictures and recipes for some posts I’m really excited to share coming up. See you back here tomorrow for a neat recipe of our favorite movie snack of late. (Was that too infommerical-y? Forgive me, people.)

Also please enjoy this picture of David out hunting critters in a forest today.

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So grizzly and manly! Straight from an L.L. Bean catalog. Meanwhile, I’m at home doing the stuff I do when I’m sick: pinteresting, unfriending randos on my Facebook, meal planning, posting embarrassing pictures/captions of David and the like. Happy weekend!

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