September 29, 2013

Dave’s movie candy choice is very predictable. It’s going to be sour patch kids. Almost without fail. If he’s feeling quite wild, he will get some swedish fish (but only the big fishes, not the tinier, chewier ones). Because I could never decide between fruity or chocolate-y for my movie snack, David’s consistency has become very helpful. I now usually go for something chocolicious, and if I want just a taste of something fruity/sour mid movie – he’s there to hit me up with a SPK.

For my husband’s love for the the sour kids, this grape trick is a cool thing too. They’re worth a try if you or a loved one have ever eaten the originals until your mouth was raw. Or are looking for a bit healthier thing to snack on while you watch the planet of the apes trilogy or whatever.


1 box melon fusion jello

Rinse grapes and strain in a colander. Spread jello powder onto a plate. Coat grapes in powder.

Refrigerate for one hour to allow gelatin to set.

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  • 1 box melon fusion jello
  • Grapes
  1. Rinse grapes and strain in a colander. Spread jello powder onto a plate. Coat grapes in powder.
  2. Refrigerate for one hour to allow gelatin to set.

Adapted from Pure Sugar.

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  • Debi

    What is the carb count on the grapes? This is probably one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever seen. Instead of using a shallow dish, could you use a ziploc bag and shake them up all together?

    • Rachel Schultz


  • Trish

    I tried these for my St. Patrick’s Day party and when I couldn’t find the melon fusion jello, I discovered Margaritaville jello at Walmart which was a huge hit! I was making quite a few and ended up putting the jello into a ziplock and shaking them a group at a time. By the end the moisture made the jello “clumpy” and not as pretty but still delicious.

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  • Cori

    I used jolly rancher watermelon gelatin cause I couldn’t find the melon fusion. Super yummy! Thank you

  • Janice

    How long do they last in the fridge?

  • Cry

    You mix foods like a genius!

  • amber

    I tried it using red grapes and blackberry fusion jello, it tasted like cough syrup. The second time i mad them with peach jello and they turned out awesome.

  • amber

    What flavor jello would you use with red grapes? Im not a big fan of the green ones.

    • amber

      I tried it using red grapes and blackberry fusion jello, it tasted like cough syrup. The second time i mad them with peach jello and they turned out awesome.

  • Karen

    I’m out of grapes but going to try with blueberries

    • amber

      what flavor jello did you use

  • Donna

    I love these….. made these not long ago only I used lime jello by accident and I ate quite a bit of them. Everyone agreed they tasted almost like a sour patch candy. Next time will try the melon one and apple if I can find it. Def make them again,even with the lime :)

  • S

    This sounds amazing! Just because I like to have calorie counts I thought I’d look up the stats and post them: Average calories for Jello is 70 cal per serving with 4 servings in the box. Sugar free jello has 40 calories per box. Average calories for a cup of grapes is 104.Obviously way healthier than Sour Patch Kids! I’m going to try these with sugar free jello some time, Hope it tastes the same!

  • Sally B

    This was impossible to stop eating! Luckily I made it for a group meeting at my house so I really did have to stop. Couldn’t find the Mellon fusion so I used green apple jello. My daughter took one bite and said, “is that candy, what is that it’s delicious!” The group loved it! Will definitely make again but only if I’m taking it somewhere.

  • Sara

    hi Rachel,

    Silly question…do you cover the grapes with the gelatin mix or make the gelatin and pour over the grapes? Thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Just the mix! :)

  • Denise

    I have checked at 3 grocery stores in our area for Melon Fusion Jello with no luck. Where did you buy yours?

    • Anonymous

      Publix had it, well I am in Summerville, SC

    • Amalie

      In St. Louis I found at Schnuck’s!

  • Anita

    are there other flavor a of jello that you’d recommend? I usually have jello in the house but I don’t have melon fusion. thanks!

    • Rachel Schultz

      I have not tried any others. But let me know what you find!

    • Kandace

      I’ve always used cherry Jell-O and love it, but I think the melon fusion would be awesome!

  • jenileigh

    you dont have to peel the grapes? to get the gelatin to stick? ive got to try these! my mouth is watering

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yep, no peeling!

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  • Sierra

    Just finished making them, defiantly worth trying! Let’s just say I ate more than what is in the bowl now ;) lol

  • Veronica

    How long can you keep these candy grapes and can you freeze them.

  • Andria

    How do you think this would work with frozen grapes??

    • Rachel Schultz

      No problem!

  • Emily

    These are just rolled in sugar after correct? I’m really excited to try this!

  • Rachel W

    Rachel, I must admit I kept this recipe in my inbox for weeks before trying it–I just wasn’t sure it would work out right. Last night I made these though and somehow my family all but cleared out a whole bunch of grapes. These are a winner and a true replacement for a box of candy because they’re THAT good! Thank you!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Wonderful! Thanks Rachel.

  • Laura

    These sound delicious! Is the Melon fusion jello with the regular jello INA grocery store?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yep, sure is!

  • Megan B

    We have too much in common! My FAVORITE candies are Sour Patch Kids and the big Swedish Fish. I love them so much that my parents gave me a HUGE box of Swedish Fish from Sam’s for Christmas one year. I haven’t tried the grape thing yet, we’ll have to try it soon.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Cool! I hope they don’t disappoint.

  • Dorothy

    This recipe is brilliant.
    Just wanted to let you know I stumbled over your blog after pinning a recipe of yours from my good friend on Pinterest. I have a daughter your same age, and I must tell you how much I respect and admire your love of homemaking. As a young stay at home mom way back in the day, I look back now and covet those memories as some of the best in my life. The idea of making something out of nothing for dinner, pulling it all together because I had to, and pushing that sofa around to each wall at least 6 times a year to keep things fresh. That’s what decorating always meant to me: what can I reuse and what color paint will fix this. Innovation in the home, along with young girls like yourself, are a dying breed. Keep up the awesome stuff you do. You ROCK.

    • Rachel Schultz

      What a great comment, Dorothy! I love how you put that. Thanks :)

    • Melissa Beaty

      You know.. I totally agree! When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up… I always said “a good housewife”. And I meant it. My mom was never home, and I was raised by my nanny. I get it.. I know that my mom had a career. But, I wanted to be there for my kids, I wanted to be the one who had an amazing dinner ready when my husband came home, I wanted to be the one to get the credit for having an amazing, clean home. I am not saying that this is for every woman. To be honest, lately, I have been made to feel that this isn’t enough. I have actually been looking for a job. After reading this post, it reminded me what I felt in my heart was right. So thank you for your post, Dorothy!

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