October 23, 2013

One dresser is actually not new. But it feels that way. The other is verifiably new (to us).


Spontaneously (as most good furniture re-arranges are), Dave and I saw it was time for our dresser to come out of the closet. When we moved in, it was so nice to be able to fit the whole big guy in there and free up lots of floor for anything else. After we’ve settled and lived in the space (for six months!), we made a key realization. We have more of a shortage on furniture than square footage. And so out he came!



I am curating our pieces really slowly and deliberately. First, I am ULTRA-picky in design. (I don’t like the decor of 90% of houses I’ve ever entered. But that’s okay because it’s YOUR house and it doesn’t matter if I like it. I’m just opinionated. And I love opinionated people, including if their’s is the opposite of mine. So enjoy your yellow and gray chevron and forget about me!)

And second, I’m on a pretty strict self-imposed budget. For all of summer (and then some), I’ve been searching hard for a dresser/nightstand for David’s side of the bed. I wanted something real wood (didn’t have to be too quality, just not particle board) and about 30″ high. It proved HARD. My diligence was rewarded and I found this beauty on craigslist (which I had been checking almost every day).


It’s perfect! Ugly with hidden potential is what I want when buying stuff like this. The craigslist deal moved really fast. Picking it up and corresponding with the seller hijacked our weeknight full of awesomeness. I previously wanted the dresser-stand to be on David’s side, but with the white dresser out, the plan was switched. So much surface area for accessorizing, I hardly know what to do with myself! I can’t wait to find weird flea market stuff to pile on thick.

The two options for the new guy is to leave as is or paint. The wood is is bad shape, which made me think paint for sure, but Dave really likes it now. And don’t get me wrong, I love wood grains, but this is rough. If we do paint it, it won’t be for a while. But the hardware has got to go.


One thing I almost forgot to mention – with the dresser change, our closet is far more accommodating for our hanging clothes. The closet feels bigger, and yet the room didn’t seem to get smaller. THAT’S WHAT I CALL A GREAT MOVE.


To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.


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  • Erin Worrall

    I think you’re wise to be slow and deliberate in finding what you like. Since buying our house in April, I bought so many things that I liked because they were cute or trendy. But after we started filling our house with them, I realized that my home was starting to look like everything popular on Pinterest…and nothing like my taste! I’ve learned to be much more deliberate to find pieces I will love for the long-haul, rather than the big fads.

    Miss you girl!

    • Rachel Schultz

      YES! I can totally relate to that. I’m glad to hear another person’s same experience. Thanks Erin!

  • Sheila

    For the new piece from what I can see, I would change the hardware and paint all of it except the top, I’ve seen it done like this before so I’m sure you can find a DIY for it somewhere. Just my opinion.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks! That’s an idea I’d not thought of.

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