October 29, 2013

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. I instagrammed it the day I bought it (all of 12 weeks ago) at a garage sale for $3.


Then, it made a short appearance here in a post about curtains. But, it was only briefly in the spot because I took it to my “workshop” to hopefully refurbish the wood underneath.


The black paint was chipping off and I could SEE the wood glory behind it. I thought this would be such an easy citristrip project. Wrong.

Citristrip works really well and has done wonders for us in the past, so I guess I have to chalk this one up as just a really tough job. There were 2-3 layers under it – black, orange, and white. (PS: Don’t put Citristrip in styrofoam like that; it will eat right through.)

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After a couple coats and lots of work, the wood was quite visible. I could’ve gotten it all gone with a sander if I wanted, but unfortunately the grain wasn’t as pretty as I hoped. We just decided to paint it. I know and yes, I’m mad at myself for going through the whole ordeal and having it in my friend’s garage for three months (hi Christy! you’re da bomb) trying to strip & stain it or think of how to do it better. All that, when I could’ve just painted over the black in a fast, one day job.

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Dave sanded it down really smooth and we painted (finally). We were working on a Saturday and I had Dave with me and I wanted to get the thing done. Like, now. So we drove to a hardware store and with only about 20 minutes of deciding, I chose a paint color. WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING AT THE SWATCH IN THE ROOM. I know! (You see where this is going?) I would never normally choose paint like this. And I paid for it. (Well, I paid for it in the sense that I didn’t steal it. But, I also paid for it later.)

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I put it back in the spot where it used to be (by the window) and OF COURSE with the new dresser the nail holes we previously made are too low and the dresser is too high. They’re actually not nails, but screws that we uber-fortified because the mirror is so heavy. The holes they made were quite large and I’m not happy about the idea of making two more since this is a rental property.

And I hate how the color I chose turned out. It’s way too baby blue and not dusty-blue-gray. But, I have no one to blame but myself. Lesson learned. It’s not worth it to rush choosing the paint. The color is way more tolerable to me on the white dresser, up against the dark wall. I think that makes it look less pastel-y/bad baby nursery.


Mistakes were made. I’m relieved to have semi-closure on him. But what a hassle! Just for something I don’t even love. Fortunately, it’s only home decor, right? And in the new spot it’s not that bad. I’m not finished with you, mirror. But I’m done thinking about you for a long time.


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  • feel free to send the mirror to chicago if you decide it needs to go. i am still on the hunt. i hope the editorial calendar in the next few months is full of holiday cheer.

  • Again, it was NOT A PROBLEM for you to store it in the garage! You are crazy. Also, Amy says the paint is neither glam nor boy city. So that’s something.

    • Rachel Schultz

      The highest honor one can receive.

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