December 6, 2013

We got our tree Sunday.

Twice now as man and wife we’ve selected and transported our christmas tree. Both times the day we got our tree was really therapeutic and peaceful amid some crazy or difficult stuff going on in life.

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Now it’s up and semi-decked. I like my tree decor SIMPLE. Fat vintage bulbs + a popcorn & cranberry garland. Don’t junk it up with ornaments! If you’re offended by this, don’t worry. David is right there with you. And every year we have a lively discussion on what will and will not be allowed up on our o’ tannenbaum. (Secretly I love when he is passionate about cute stuff like this.)

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Now all that’s left for the season to be started is me declaring “Merry Christmas” with wide eyes and raised eyebrows to a store greeter who says “Happy Holidays” to me.

PS: I’m not cut out for advent calendars.

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  • Your tree is cute! I enjoy ornaments, especially ones that are nostalgic or meaningful to me. But I like the beauty in your simpler tree, too. And I love the cranberry and popcorn!

    So, I’m curious about the “Merry Christmas” thing. I understand that some people are bothered by the “political correctness” of “Happy Holidays”. But…I also don’t really understand it. Yes, I am Christian. I celebrate Christmas. I teach music, and I fortunately live in a small rural place where nobody minds that we have a CHRISTMAS concert and sing actual Christmas songs. (Silent Night was on the program last year.) But at the same time…there are multiple holidays happening this time of year. Even leaving out Hanukkah and anything else that other religions celebrate, we still have 2 holidays–Christmas and New Years. And Thanksgiving, shortly before that. So, it still makes sense to me to hear “Happy Holidays” without it being an anti-Christmas statement. I think I even said it myself last week at my elementary school program.

    I guess…I don’t think most people are making a huge statement when they say “Happy Holidays.” I think it’s usually just another way of wishing people joy. Like, “Season’s Greetings.”

    What are your thoughts?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, I totally hear you on that. I’ve said happy holidays before, usually in November, to including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

  • yay! we got our tree last night. a christmas tree might be one of my most favorite things ever!

  • also — no tree topper?!

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s not intentional. We’re going without until I find just the right one.

  • i love the tree against the striped curtains. fab location choice. where did you land the vintage bulbs?

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