January 30, 2014

When I’m alone in the house, cooking up a mess/storm in the kitchen, I typically play music or maybe put something on from Netflix in the background. Recently, I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and was very impacted by it. Lots of documentaries have such an agenda that you really have to filter the “facts” you’re hearing. As far as documentaries go, however, I found this one informative, relatively unbiased, and sincere.

It’s the story of a man named Joe who experiences great health improvement and even relief from disease by juicing. He does what he calls “juicing reboots,” also known as juice fasts or cleanses.

While a cleanse isn’t in my future, we were compelled to buy our own juicer and have really loved making our own at home. On a day where I may not have eaten very healthily, it’s great to whip up a drink at night to get the nutrients of far more vegetables and fruit than I could sit down and eat – all in one cup! Here’s a few of our favorites we’ve tried.

Sliced Apple

3 carrots
2 apple
1 inch piece ginger root

1 bunch kale
1 cucumber
2 celery stalks
1/2 lemon
1 apple
1 inch piece ginger root

1 sweet potato
2 pears
1 apple
1/4 cup blueberries

Update: For those who have asked, the juicer we bought is the Breville Juice Fountain Compact. We are very pleased with it.

My New Cookbook


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  • what juicer did you buy?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I have the Breville Juice Fountain Compact (link above.)

  • I love the idea of juicing! I just haven’t been able to buy a juicer yet. Do you love yours? Would you recommend it or a different one?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, I have the Breville Juice Fountain Compact (link above.)

  • Marissa

    Another GREAT Documentary on Health is “Hungry for Change”. It was made after Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and Joe Cross is in it also. You can Find Hungry for Change on Netfixs for free. I liked FSND but Hungry for Change was Better!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great to know! Thank you.

      • Beka

        Hi Rachel,
        I work with David and have visited your blog a couple times.
        After he brought us the bars you made yesterday I had to come visit again! (Looking to see if the recipe had been posted). :-)
        Thanks for the juicing recipes! I’m about to start juicing myself.
        Probably not a cleanse like you said but I would like to drink at least a cup a day.

        • Rachel Schultz

          Thanks Beka! Yes, I can email that recipe to you. It won’t be up until monday.

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