February 10, 2014

Today is a major landmark. Yes, the blog’s two year anniversary! This week will be some special posts to celebrate. (You can check out everything about the blog’s one year celebration here.) To kick things off, we have one of the posts I most enjoy writing throughout the year – a day in the life!

YEAR TWO from Rachel Schultz

A common question I get is something along the lines of, “so… how many hours a week do you work on your blog?” or “what do you do all day?” I totally sympathize with this. (I wouldn’t understand it either unless I did it myself.) Working on this site and all of its facets is easily a 40 hour a week endeavor.

A Day in the Life of Rachel from Rachel Schultz

8:00am  Rise and shine and check my phone. I’d love to wake up earlier; my goal is to have 7:00am be the routine. Typically, the first thing I do each day is check my instagram to slowly wake up while still laying in bed. Most days after that I read Psalm 91. Then, my feet hit the floor.

8:15am  Shower or bubble bath. It’s typically a bubble bath because I love reading. Right now, it’s Wayne Grudem’s Politics: According to the Bible. If I have some room in my day, I’ll head to the gym before showering.

A Day in the Life of Rachel from Rachel Schultz

9:00am  Breakfast, which might be some toast and yogurt. I eat at my desk while updating income reports with the previous day’s traffic and earnings.  I also clean the house if things aren’t tidy enough. The fresh start of things feeling organized clears my mind and makes me more productive.

9:30am  Proofing or writing. If my schedule is what I aim for it to be, I’m just proofreading the post for the next day and not having to write it. (I prefer to work further in advance.) Then, I write for a post that will publish at least a week down the line.

10:00am  I might take a mental break to get inspired. This means I make my rounds of checking the blogs I love.

10:30am  Back to proofing, writing, pinteresting, and brainstorming new posts or ventures.

11:30am  Cooking! And taking photos, like these cookie dough cinnamon rolls. I usually listen to a podcast (I like Ask Pastor John) or watch a TV show (my favorite is Sherlock!) while I cook.

A Day in the Life of Rachel from Rachel Schultz

1:30pm  Clean up and eat something for lunch (maybe what I made).

2:30pm  Check blogs, write more, edit photos, respond to comments, try to make creativity happen, bookkeep, email with advertisers, interview designers for my site re-design, post to social media, etc.

A Day in the Life of Rachel from Rachel Schultz

4:30pm  Tidy house before David gets home. (A certain someone is always getting it messy again.) I also cook dinner if it wasn’t already made for blog photos.

5:15pm  DAVID’S HOME!!

5:45pm  Eat dinner.

6:15pm  Clean up kitchen. (Yes, more cleaning. Always.)

6:45pm  Family worship. We pray (for understanding of the Scripture we will read), sing a hymn (my favorites are And Can It Be, How Firm a Foundation, and My Hope is Built on Nothing Less), read scripture (right now we’re going through John), and pray again (this is a longer prayer for requests, needs of people in our church, thanksgiving, etc.)

7:00pm  Talk, work on a project, play a board game, individual reading time, have friends over/go to a friend’s house, or watch a movie or TV show.

A Day in the Life of Rachel from Rachel Schultz

10:30pm  Read Psalm 91 again and bed time! I sleep a lot.

I had fun reading my day in the life post from last year. I’m laughing because I said the same thing about wishing I woke up at 7:00am. Sheesh. Maybe next year.

I will be back tomorrow with a post about your and my favorite posts for the year.

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  • Happy Two Year “Blogiversary”, Rachel! I loved the glimpse into your daily life, thanks for sharing and for your awesome blog! (:

    • Rachel Schultz

      You’re welcome, Christine! Thank you.

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