April 24, 2014

My search for a buffet for our dining room has felt, at times, grueling. Last year I hit the yard sales hard. During the off-months, I craiglisted hard. My specifications are 18 inches deep, greater than 60 inches wide, and at least 30 high. And of course it has to be awesome and have lots of storage. Not like that’s a tall order or anything, right? With the baby coming, my desire and need for the buffet has increased as we must get more creative with our storage and organization in the whole apartment to make room for all the impending infant swag.

I spied this guy on craigslist listed with a tall skinny mate for $150. The seller was willing to separate the pieces, making her asking price for just this one $75.

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We drove far; we borrowed a car from friends; I’d been searching for so long. And the seller was staring at me waiting for a decision. I really, really just wanted this to work. It didn’t look big in person, despite my having taped off its measurements in the dining room. Feeling really hesitant, I went with it. I know! So many red flags ignored.

Once home, we loaded it up to the apartment and cleaned like crazy. Well, Dave did. (I rested on the couch.) Homeboy used a whole roll of paper towels, just on the exterior. Tired from a long night, we headed to bed and have been living with buffet in his spot for a week or so. Will we keep him? I don’t know! Your guess is as good as mine.

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