Intergenerational Friendships

April 25, 2014

We are back with episode 2 of Rachel & Friends! If you didn’t yet catch the first one, you simply must! My girl Stefan has such great things to say on body image & how to view overeating as Christians.


Show Notes
Christy’s blog: Where I Am
Spiritual Mothering by Susan Hunt

My New Cookbook


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  • Nice article! Thanks for sharing this amazing suggestion with us.

  • ruby

    Hey rachel, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this podcast. My story is pretty similar to Christy’s! I lived just outside of Detroit my whole life but my hubby (who is from Baltimore) got a job in western Pennsylvania as a youth pastor and so I moved to PA after I got married. I’ve wanted an older mentor, but really haven’t met or noticed anyone at my church that I was interested in learning from. So I really liked (and identified) with what you said about our generation wanting to be automatically integrated. Because my husband is the youth pastor I am involved with quite a lot already, but I’m not necessarily going out of my way to meet women or to get to know them. Thanks for the challenge to do so :)

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s great to hear Ruby. Thank you for writing me!

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