May 20, 2014

Thursday was my big birthday #25 and the perfect time for me to try something I’ve been wanting for so long to do (but was a bit nervous). Videos! Movies! Films!

Dave & I were chatting about how there is a tension between 1) being completely “present” and carefree-ly engaged in special events or 2) needing to pause and capture photos, but having records of memories to take us back over and over. I have been much closer to the first, but we’d like to try to make an effort to lug the camera out and document life more. Have a look at my first video venture.

For the foodies curious about the dishes we ate:
01 – inside the corn husk is a black bean, masa, pomegranate deal with feta sauce
02 – smelt tacos (I was brave and tried this)
03 – the open faced sandwich is “their take on a reuben” with brisket, rye, sauerkraut, 1000 island
04 – shrimp dish with celery root, apple, truffle, and dill biscuits
05 – lamb burger on naan with white bean, spring onion, and harissa
06 – lavender cake with ginger frosting

Music is Graceland by Paul Simon.

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  • Happy Birthday , Rachel!
    Lee Ann

    Crochet…Gotta Love It! Blog:
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    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Lee Ann!

  • Maria

    Happy Birthday, Rachel!! A dear friend introduced me to your blog. I really enjoy the freshness, grace and simplicity that your site excudes. Keep shining your heart’s light and the grace of God therein! Blessings to you from a 55 year old who journeys alongside you! :-)

    • Rachel Schultz

      How sweet maria! Thank you

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