May 29, 2014

Something about an imminent baby has pushed us to cross off some of our lingering projects. The wall above our couch in the living room has seen lots of ideas come and go, most recently a 10 frame gallery. I really liked this idea and wanted it to work bad. But, the cheap frames I got were not cutting it. (Having to buy 10 of a frames adds up quickly, so I was avoiding going to Pottery Barn or whatever to get my stuff.)

Living Room from Rachel Schultz

Living Room from Rachel Schultz

I decided I was ready to lay down some more cash and the old, flimsy frames got trashed. IKEA’s ribba frames are hefty, come with matting, and a great price. (I think $4.99 at our store). You know you were being cheap when going the IKEA route was a splurge. We bought all 10 for $50 and the difference is huge. Their wider rims let us space them out even more and make the wall look much more substantial and polished. David was particularly annoyed by the old frames and is raving about the new ones, even without art in them (for now).

New, better frames from Rachel Schultz-2

My only qualm with IKEA frames is the matting that comes with them is a terrible off-white. We make do because our apartment’s default wall color is an also terrible off-white, so it wouldn’t even look good if the frames were white-white like I’d normally prefer.

New, better frames from Rachel Schultz-3 New, better frames from Rachel Schultz

For art we are thinking ordering some PDF prints off Etsy and printing them ourselves at fedex/kinkos (has anyone done this before?). Or, if we want to get really thrifty, we’ll find some cool old art books at goodwill to cut up and use.

New, better frames from Rachel Schultz-5 New, better frames from Rachel Schultz-4

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