June 3, 2014

Of course I would have said it’d be nice to have a different dining table. But, our old one (however dated) was serving us well and getting the job done. Really, I would rather wait until we bought a house to buy something just right for the size/shape its dining room. But as you can guess, things happened.


DINING TABLE from Rachel Schultz

At a bridal shower my pastor’s wife was hosting, they had two long tables (sitting about 10 people each) in their dining room. After the party, I casually asked her how she normally has her dining room set up (couldn’t be seating for 20 all the time, right?).  She told me they’d just bought a new table and the second one has been sitting in the garage, ready to be freecycled. AND THEN she offered it to me for free! I died. And came back to life again to make pick up arrangements.

(I need to pause here just to say this iphone photo below is an accurate representation of our dining room color. It’s a dark, navy blue – not the bright electric thing my DSLR turns it into in every other picture.)


This table is definitely a refinishing project, but that’s pretty low on my list behind some baby prep projects. And even a bit beat up, it’s a lot more classic than our previous one that screamed a bit 80s. We’re still using the 80s chairs (for now), so those wood tones are clashing majorly. I think I’ll probably just try to paint them a bright color and then you might not notice the shape as much. Although with all that ridging painting might be a big job, so perhaps I’ll search for some thrift store beauties to work on and scrap them completely.

DINING TABLE FIND from Rachel Schultz

Another thing we discovered is that we like the table way better vertically than horizontally in the dining room. It makes much better traffic flow to the kitchen and nursery (which will be needed in our middle of the night trips to the crib). Also, I think the vertical position minimizes the ugly chairs more.

DINING TABLE FIND from Rachel Schultz-2

I almost forgot to mention I crossed another thing off my to-do by replacing our small chalkboard with a bulletin board. My plan is to turn the big gold mirror into a chalkboard for meal planning.

To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.

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  • i’m on the hunt for a table but my dining room is only 10×11. what are the dimensions? with smaller scaled chairs, do you think you could seat 8 (one at each head and four other chairs)?

    let me know!

  • Isn’t it amazing how little changes can make the biggest difference? The new table is beautiful, what a find!

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