June 11, 2014

Although an entirely legitimate room, we wanted our baby’s pantry-turned-nursery to feel really intentional and not have any baby-stuffed-into-a-closet vibes. Or Harry Potter living under the stairs. So painting was a must, just to make it feel that much more decorated. First, a side note that the lighting in the pantry is completely irritating. It is extremely yellowing/pink and not in the good, “warm” way. Would a different lightbulb make a significant difference? I am oblivious about the world of light bulbs and which ones do what.

The four colors in the middle of the below photo are my color scheme. I’m calling them mint, red-orange, navy, and mustard. This is my best effort at creating something gender neutral, although I am becoming more and more convinced that a truly gender neutral nursery has never existed. This would skew completely boy, but I think the mint might be keeping it somewhere in the girl ballpark too. (See, I even used a sports metaphor. How boyish.)

Painting the Nursery from Rachel Schultz-2

photo 1

After an inordinate amount of decision time considering how long we’ll be living in the apartment, we picked was Martha Stewart’s “Flagstone.” I think that’s the top left in the picture.

I have never seen a paint color with such a great difference between it’s wet and dry tone. This thing went on quite dark and was substantially lighter when we were done.

I waffled about painting the shelves gray or one of the accent colors. For the amount of time it would take (and again, how much longer we’ll live here), it wasn’t worth it. Same goes for possibly painting the ceiling a color too.

Painting the Nursery from Rachel Schultz-3

We are that much closer to baby’s room being prepared!

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