June 17, 2014

What I expected a post about our baby crib to be is much different than where we ended up. We will rewind.

David’s childhood crib was up for grabs in his parent’s basement and I was happy to have a free, vintage crib that also gave an opportunity for a cool refurbishing project. Bonus points for being sort of one-of-a-kind and not the same crib you see in every nursery right now. This thing was old. David’s parents got it for their boys from another family who had already used it for all their kids, so we were the third generation to get our hands on him.

Crib from Rachel Schultz Crib from Rachel Schultz-2

The other glaring need for the piece was to convert the double drop side (which are a big safety no-no) into stationary sides. Once we had the crib in front of us and were ready to start working on it, we saw how big of a task this would really be. We weren’t sure we could do it and have it be safe and not an eyesore (both musts!).

The sanding and painting would not have been hard, but it was also very rusty and very schreech-y. Yes, the crib was getting donated. Goodbye heirloom! (Just kidding. I love heirlooms, but David and I don’t have an attachment to this and the function and safety issues were deal breakers.)

I knew David’s parents had a crib available to us, so I had always planned on using it. But, in the back of my mind I had noticed Jenny Lind cribs and knew if I were to ever need to buy one I would want one of these. I love the classic spindles and timeless simplicity of their design. And, they’re quite affordable. Amazon had lots of colors, but the only ones I was considering were cherry wood and white. I digged the wood, but the cherry was just too dark and reddish (cherry, duh) for me. I googled around and found there are other sites that sell more varieties in wood. It would cost a little more, but we could get a Maple finish from Wayfair.

My Saturday I planned to have working outside on a crib DIY was now spent 15 minutes ordering online. It was half a relief, but also half a let down for the furniture refurb lover in me. I tried to just channel it into the assembly when the package arrived on our doorstep.

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With the crib inside, we can officially stop calling it “the pantry” and start with “the nursery.” We can’t wait to get the mattress and bedding in there to make it feel more cozy. To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.

Crib from Rachel Schultz

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  • Rachael

    Ah, I love it! We’re in the process of becoming foster parents, so I’m slowly gathering all the stuff we need. I love the idea of a Jenny Lind crib!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Congrats! The crib is great so far

  • jean

    PLEASE, check the latest safety recommendations for space between rails also. Nothing is more important than safety for your baby. Way better to be safe!


  • that crib is BIG.

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