June 24, 2014

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WEIGHT GAIN14 pounds. I’m starting to really feel heavier in the midsection. And I think I may be approaching (arrived at?) the muched-long-for point of being a clearly pregnant chick and not possibly just chubby. (Maybe, depends on the clothes for the day.)

SLEEPSome friends asked me how I was sleeping and that kind of had me scratching my head. I’ve been sleeping completely through the nights. Is that unusual? Should I be getting up to go to the bathroom? Should my hormones be inducing insomnia? For now it is all going well, but I do need a strategic stationing of pillows around my body to be comfortable. I also broke my habit of tummy sleeping. I was surprised it was so easy. I didn’t sleep well for maybe two nights, but now I’m a bonafide back/side sleeper. And my chiropractor is proud of me.

EATINGI don’t hate food anymore like in the first trimester. I eat pretty much the same as before I was pregnant. No real aversions or cravings. Other than sweets, but I’ve always craved those.

FATIGUE: My first trimester was brutal. Not with nausea and vomiting (thankfully!), but with extreme fatigue. From week 8 to 16, I was completely bed ridden. It was definitely physically the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And also mentally it just messes with you being totally inactive for two months! There was one occasion when I deliriously told David, “I’m tired; I need to lay down” without realizing I was already laying down. 

At week 18 I could see some progress and though still limited, (I had to use those motorized scooters just to get through the grocery store) I could somewhat exist as a contributing member of society. (One time I saw a woman from church who is like, 200 years old at the grocery store and she was moving around all spry getting her groceries and I was super ashamed to be in the scooter. Ha!) And from 20 weeks until now I’ve felt really well. Almost like I’m not pregnant! (I mean that in a good way.)

EMOTIONS: The thing about being emotional when you’re pregnant is that I can’t tell if it’s because I’m pregnant or if they’re “real.” Well, they are real either way. But I guess you just can’t know how or why things are effecting you the way they’re effecting you. For example, the other day David put my keys in the wrong compartment of my purse and I was INDIGNANT. And felt legitimately uncared for and betrayed. Is this because I’m pregnant or just sinful? Probably yes and yes.

PREDICTIONSI really don’t know on gender. No mother’s intuition here. We both kind of think it’s a boy, but what are we basing that on? NOTHING. Even though being pregnant is sometimes a real chore, I am cherishing this time with baby. The other day I get pretty teary thinking about how right now I’m the only person in the whole world baby knows, and we are as close as two people can possibly be. We’ve come a long way together over these six months, plus three more to come.

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  • ruby

    The bump is looking gooooood! i am 10 weeks today and can’t WAIT to be moving into the second trimester. what your fatigue was, is my current nausea (although i’m hoping it makes its leave sooner rather than later). have you been having any crazy dreams? i have a handful of weird ones every night. they’re actually pretty entertaining to tell my hubby about the next day hahaha.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Ruby! So sorry. Hope it passes soon. I have had some crazy dreams, but that may also be because we’ve been watching old episodes of LOST before bed sometimes : )

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