July 3, 2014

Tweaking the space above our couch has taken well over a year.  I “sit” with ideas for a long time (sometimes) and I was really, really trying to do this project cheaply. First, we did a clipboard gallery, but those weren’t the right feel in here. Then, I bought insanely cheap frames, but could never pull the trigger on any artwork. I see now it was because those frames were so bad it had me in paralysis because any nice piece of art would look dingy in them. And they couldn’t even fit mats.

We finally bought real, bonafide, matted frames and it felt fabulous. Dave doesn’t weigh in too often about decor stuff, but he was vocal about liking these and hating the old ones. And now, we have found art for them, people. This confirms my hunch that once we had nice frames, I would quickly fill them with something worthy and this project could end.

New, better frames from Rachel Schultz-5

The frames were $50 for all 10. (For a thrifty one like me, this was a lot. In fact, my whole home decor budget for a month.) I wanted something inexpensive for filling them with art. And, with all the cool DIY projects out there, art should never have to be too expensive. I’ve done a couple abstract pieces around in the house (including a new one in the nursery to be shared soon), and did not want to wear that style out much more. This means I would probably need prints, and they aren’t cheap. Especially for 10 of them. I found some neat etsy shops that sell PDF files of prints for a couple dollars each that I could then take to a lab and have printed. Even this would add up fast, however.

Finally breakthrough came in the most unlikely of places. On the weekends, Dave and I love going to bookstores and “looking at stuff.” I never really venture to the used book section, probably because I have germ issues. But, this time I did. And an idea struck that led me straight to the “Art” section. So many cheap books with beautiful, full page prints! For like, $7! We looked through lots, but couldn’t find anything just right for both of us. (You might be surprised, but Dave is quite opinionated about art. What a man of all trades.)


With my wheels now turning, I knew we could get even lower on the price by going to a thrift store. And sure enough, we found some amazing art books there for $2. I was planning to have to whip out the exacto knife and slice up some book spines, but the one we ended up choosing even had real, loose-leaf prints of paintings already in it.

We did it. It’s complete. It feels great.

Living Room from Rachel Schultz Living Room from Rachel Schultz-3

Truth be told I wouldn’t mind a third row of frames over top. That’d be something I’d go for if we were perfecting our dream home, which this apartment (shockingly!) is not. I do still love it here, though.

To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.

 Living Room from Rachel Schultz-2

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  • It looks so great! What a good idea to look for art in art books at thrift stores. We are doing a collage wall at our house with mismatched frames (different sizes, colors, you name it!) and I can’t quite decide if I like it or not yet haha OCD kicking in. We’re filling it with pictures of family and friends right now but have it on a wall with vaulted ceilings and my hubby wants to eventually fill it floor to ceiling so stuff like you filled yours with would be a good addition, too!

    Sara |

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