July 23, 2014

Searching “baby mobiles” on pinterest is a very dangerous activity for those easily overtaken by baby cuteness. My heart melts for this sweet horse one.

One of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day, is a party planning website with so many clever, handmade ideas for event decor. This paper party DIY inspired me for an affordable baby mobile and reminded me of the faux capiz chandelier I made a couple years ago. The method is very similar; here, I sewed together strips of cardstock rather than wax paper.

A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz-3 copy

The trickiest part was choosing my colors. I feared the nursery was beginning to skew way more boy than girl, so I erred on the slightly more feminine side for the mobile. Also, I’m just super picky about shades of color, so even the wall of cardstock at Michael’s felt like not enough choices. I ended up with mustard, red-orange, mint, and lavender. The first three have been in our color scheme from the start, but I’ve added lavender in small quantities to girl-it-up some more.

A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz-5 copy

The method is quite simple.

  1. Slice cardstock into strips. I made mine 6 inches wide and varying widths for a not-too-“perfect” look.
  2. Feed paper through sewing machine, leaving a long tail at one end (for hanging). I stopped to do a lot of testing on length so it would fill the space, but not be too close to a standing baby or that we’d always brush into them. My longest segment was about 28 strips.
  3. Hang strands at varying lengths. We taped them up with masking tape to get our locations just right. Then, we tied the strings around nails and tapped them into the ceiling.

A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz-4 copy A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz copy

This was the room before we installed the mobile. Since getting the crib, I’ve begun accumulating storage for the shelves.

A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz-2

And below is after with the mobile and the addition of the mattress and some bedding. It’s getting a lot more cozy and newborn-friendly in here.

A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz-6 copy

Major to-do’s that remain are: buying a rug, adding a store table, sewing a crib skirt, and finding a few more art pieces. Also, birthing the baby. To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.

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  • is it ok for the baby ? to be in a room without a window ? .-.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yep, lots of sunlight nearby : )

  • Sara Curtice

    Just wanted to share a suggestion with you. When my oldest was born in 1973, the apartment we were in had a large catch-all room. For anything other than a baby crib and a small dresser…. this ‘large closet’ worked beautifully. I had a friend give me a yellow diaper stack. I decided to hang the diaper stack on the door to this little room. It worked out to be very handy.
    I pray the Lord gives you and your husband a beautiful healthy baby. My grandmother, who has been in heaven since 1974, used to always say, “When your newborn smiles and those precious little gums are shown, that is when they see Jesus!” I am a grandmother of four, and I still choose to believe my grandmother!

  • Hi There: Just in case you didn’t know. When the baby gets older he/she may try to eat the paper. This could be very dangerous, choking and all. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Dina

    I love your website for gluten free recipes. Love the beautiful mobile

  • Looks so wonderful! I love how creative you are with your space. Your sweet baby has a cozy, colorful little home.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you! That’s our goal : )

  • Kristi

    I love the simplicity of the things you do.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Kristi!

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