August 6, 2014

The most distinctive thing about our nursery projects has been the space challenges. A changing table will have to be elsewhere (maybe bathroom or our bedroom dresser). A rocker or armchair will not fit, so we’ll have to make the 10 foot trek to the living room for some soft seating. But with these things, there is a notable open-ness in the corner to the right of the doorway that we must utilize. A side table is the natural remaining choice, but being that there isn’t seating, it would need to be at standing height. A console at that height with good other dimensions was pretty specific and difficult to find. Find anything, even anything high in price. It’s just a size and shape of furniture not really made.

A PAPER MOBILE from Rachel Schultz-6 copy

The naked wood aisle at JoAnn’s/Michael’s is a great place to be. When I saw these crates, I knew they’d be a very inexpensive solution, and I could customize pretty close to the height I wanted. I stacked three crates up in the store and they were the perfect height. What the employees thought of my doing this is unknown.

CRATE BOOKSHELF from Rachel Schultz

Michael’s crates were a bit more quality and ended up being cheaper with coupons. David tacked them together for me using tiny finishing nails.

CRATE BOOKSHELF from Rachel Schultz

At first I considered painting the entire piece, but once I got started I knew that would be a big job with so many planes. And this partial paint, partial wood version is a lot nicer for the industrial flair it has going on rather than a perfectly painted ornate piece. It only required two coats and I applied them with a roller brush.

CRATE BOOKSHELF from Rachel Schultz

CRATE BOOKSHELF from Rachel Schultz

For the color I wanted equal parts red and orange. I used Behr’s Red Hot. It’s reading more orange in the room, but I can still dig.

CRATE BOOKSHELF from Rachel Schultz

The room feels so much more rounded and out and furnished. And like it’s a real, complete nursery. Well, not totally complete yet. There are a few more bits and bobs to tackle and some accessorizing to be had. We ordered a rug which I will share very soon! It’s a home run, in my humble opinion.

CRATE BOOKSHELF from Rachel Schultz

To see everything about this place we call home, take a tour of our apartment.

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  • Katie

    Great book choices! Bear Snores On and Barnyard Dance are two favorites in my house…I believe that books need to be fun for Mom and Dad, too!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Haha, thanks katie. We can’t wait!

  • Looks cute! Did you screw the bookshelf to the wall? Any safety concerns with it falling forward? Do you think the book choices might be a little above the babies reading level? Just curious!


    • Rachel Schultz

      We did not screw the shelf to the wall and don’t expect the baby to be near it on the ground unattended. Readers become leaders! : )

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