August 22, 2014

In my opinion, rooms make it or break it based on the 1) rug and 2) light fixture. By that I mean if you’ve got something unique and interesting going on with those two things, a room will appear really fabulous and “designed.” I first observed this theory in myself by noticing that if something has a cool persian or kilim rug on pinterest, I will probably pin it to one of my home decor inspiration boards. That’s pretty much all it takes! (We won’t discuss light fixtures here because I am a renter with no lighting freedom which makes me sad.)

After adding the shelving for the nursery, I set my sights to a rug. We really don’t have anything good going on in the flooring situation. Our apartment comes equipped with tan low ply carpet.

CRATE BOOKSHELF from Rachel Schultz

I had a $25 gift card to Urban Outfitters burning a hole in my wallet, so I decided it would be the place I sought our flooring solution. I wanted something with a bold pattern and lots of color and UO is typically good for things like that. Be forewarned that pretty much all of their rugs have the thickness of a beach towel. I would never use them for a big space, but in a small area they can get the job done.

The nursery isn’t well shaped for any of the standard rug sizes. Because we were okay with secretly rolling up some of the extra length invisibly, underneath the crib, I searched for 4×6 ones.  (Round would’ve been neat too, but they’re much harder to come by, I learned.) My favorite rug on the site was the magical thinking diamond medallion handmade rug.


Rug found, people. Now, we wait.

WAIT? Yes. Even though I had a my gift card, the price needed to come down a little more from $69. I waited for the Fourth of July, hoping for a promo code with no success. I checked the rug obsessively. Finally, it went down 20% off, so we moved. (Now it’s back up at $69, but maybe there will be a Labor Day sale? Or it will go down again for seemingly no reason at all?)

It arrived, we put it down. We’re fans.


Also, you can see the addition of our new quilt for the crib. The nursery is so close to feeling ready and I think we’re in the ballpark of maintaining gender neutrality. Which I am really ready to be done with, by the way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not regretting waiting to find out the sex, but I will also be happy to not have to analyze if something is gender neutral for every purchase. I’m ready to just treat a boy like a boy and a girl like a girl. Only a few more things on the to-do list before the mystery will be solved!

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  • Nicole

    I love seeing the transformation, Rachel! Can’t wait to meet your little one (I’m anxious to find out boy or girl…can’t imagine how you guys feel!). PS I’m totally making your sweet potato quick bread today to bring up north to visit Andy’s grandma this weekend :-)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Nicole! Hope it’s a hit : )

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