November 25, 2014


01. ERGOBABY ORIGINAL CARRIER: When I opened this up at my shower, I felt nearly 100% sure David would try it on as soon as we got home. This product gets such rave reviews and for David was a must because of his crazy excitement for getting a turn to “carry” the baby after I got to for nine months. (Fine by me!) I must also add that in the way of baby wearing, I have liked the peanut shell classic sling during infancy. I use it every week at church.

02. MULA ABACUS: For toys, we prefer simple, wooden ones. They are beautiful on shelves and fun for the little ones. Most toy stores have a section on the wooden stuff amid the ocean of noisy, plastic things. This abacus is even from IKEA! Also, we are big on kids having a (very) few quality toys rather than 100 forgettable ones.

03. MINNETONKA FRINGE BOOTIE: A little more trendy then I go for most of our baby fashion (I like vintage or knitwear best), but these are especially sweet to me since baby will have a pair of minnetonka moccs just like Dad.

04. CHICCO KEYFIT 30 CARSEAT: Researching and comparing car seats was one of the tasks we delegated to David. (A great husband job by the way. If yours is like mine, he will get pretty into it). This model fits with our stroller, which was a must.

05. JOOVY CABOOSE TOO ULTRALIGHT STROLLER: Another one of David’s research projects, we wanted a stroller that was compatible with our carseat and could seat two babies/toddlers (one day).

06. MAMAS & PAPAS KNITTED WAVE BLANKET: I love this knitted blanket for its great gender-neutral palette and because the colors do not scream typical baby colors to me. In fact, this is the only store-bought blanket we have because so many of our loved ones gifted us with beautiful handmade ones.

07. JENNY LIND CRIB: There are so many lovely nurseries built around this crib, as soon as we started shopping I knew I wanted this one. We went with the maple finish which is a little hard to find, but we like it much better than the espresso and cherry options. (A whole post about the crib here.)

08. EVENFLO CLASSIC GLASS BABY BOTTLES: I like my baby stuff (well, pretty much all stuff) classic and timeless. I use a glass water bottle that I love because it does not absorb stains or odors and does great in the dishwasher. Like mother, like baby, I suppose. I have gotten a few eyebrow raises and lots of questions at the thought of glass baby bottles, but so far we have had no problems with durability.

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  • Amy

    My nephew also uses the glass baby bottles and I can understand the appeal, except for the time I was volunteering in church nursery and he dropped the bottle and it shattered *everywhere*. We had to race to grab all the babies and toddlers and move them out while we meticulously cleaned the floor. Glass bottles aren’t a bad idea at all, but maybe be conscious of scenarios like that where a breakage could be disastrous.

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s a good point. It kind of reminds me of cloth diapers. It would be one thing to use them in your home, but I would not force them on someone else to use for me in a nursery!

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