Battling Anxiety & Fear

December 19, 2014

When we began work on the Rachel & Friends podcast as a side project to my food and lifestyle blog, I wanted to commit to recording five episodes and then re-evaluate the venture. Was I enjoying it? Is it sustainable? Are people liking it? Well, I am even more in love with doing this than when we began and can hardly wait for you to hear some of the future episodes we have begun production on. Creating a podcast is many more work hours than the other types of posts I produce, and yet my desire to continue is a clear “yes.” And that is how we arrive here, at episode six!


Greta is among my closest friends and her wisdom and way with words had me very eager to get her on the show. Often when I am talking to her off the cuff, I feel as if she is giving me a personalized sermon tailored to be just what I needed to hear in that moment. Part of Greta’s life, and what she is sharing with us, is a hard fought battle against anxiety and fear. For someone experiencing clinical anxiety, or your garden variety daily worries, you will be helped by what she has to say.

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  • Roxy

    Hi Rachel

    Please thank your friend Greta for sharing that bit of wisdom.

    I too have suffered severe panic attacks to the point where I got all manner of blood tests done because I was convinced I was dying. At the time I had no idea that stress and anxiety could manifest in such strong physical sensations. I was fortunate to be counselled by a good friend who had admitted herself into an anxiety clinic after having blacked out from fear while driving. She explained to me that life is about balance. All areas of our lives (Religion, work, friendship, family, sleep, nutrition, exercise, etc) need to be in balance, and when one or more areas are neglected, that is when emotional imbalance comes into play. Your anxiety could be a form of self-flagellation because you know you are living in sin, or it could be a chemical imbalance because you’re eating too much sugar, or any number of things.

    Keeping my life in balance and drawing nearer to God has brought me through. I can attest to Greta’s wisdom. The more I trust in God’s promises and the less I give in to selfish introspection, the further I move away from anxiety.


  • jana

    Thank you for this podcast. It was perfectly timed for me. I don’t necessarily diagnosed with anxiety, however, I feel that at times I am under the definition of not being at peace and having fear of the future. I have had some major learning experiences these past two years and instead of being faithful I often find myself in a state of fear. I loved your thoughts on God grace being sufficient for us every day. I loved your thoughts on becoming selfless. Such wise and genuine words that I needed to hear today. Thank you for your service. It was also shared with such a spirit of love, thanks for that as well!

  • Anonymous

    This was perfect. Thank you so much for sharing. I especially loved the part about His grace being sufficient for us each day. We don’t have to store it up.. he will give it to us daily for our needs. I loved this podcast. Thanks again.

  • Cassandra

    Rachel & Friends,

    I enjoyed this podcast. All of this was Gods wisdom being poured out through Greta’s testimony. I sometimes struggle with anxiety myself, but I always go back to the story about the Manna bread and how the Lord provided exactly the amount they needed. This podcast help me bring things back into perspective, that at the end of the day the Lord only wants our hearts, and that we should want the same.

    This also helped put things into perspective with serving a husband and having children. Even though I do not have children yet, I sometimes think about my anxiety and how it would not be good while having kids. Listening to this made me realize even more how much of a distraction anxiety is, it distracts us from our families and serving the will of God.

    Once again, thank you for this testimony!

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