December 22, 2014

I can hardly calm down enough to write this post. My greatest dream in life has started to come true and that is not conducive to operating a keyboard without typos. My dream is buying and renovating a home, internet. For so many reasons. I love everything about it – the decorating, the hospitality, the raising children, the safety and security of a place to call your own. It plays to my strengths and is a thing I do to exercise dominion over God’s creation that brings me seriously big joy.


Not really, baby is sleeping and we are in a small apartment, hence part of the need of this pursuit to begin with.

House Hunting Wish list

Now, for where we are at in the process. We have a realtor (YES!). She is cool (DOUBLE YES!). And here is our housing “wish list.” I originally had this in Coldstone Creamery “Like it, love it, gotta have it” format, but we are already young and if I am going to be buying a home I should at least help her help me by making it at least a little bit easier to take me seriously. But not you internet, you will take me as I am.


  • Four bedrooms: master, two kids’ bedrooms (large for sharing), and guest
  • Acreage, ideally with some grass and woods (David’s big thing)
  • No flips or new homes, must need cosmetic updates like carpet, wallpaper, and flooring (my big thing – I love projects!)
  • 2,000+ square feet


  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Two story
  • Lots of natural lighting
  • Large kitchen (must have natural light for food photos)
  • Defined entryway (the front door does not open RIGHT into the living room)
  • Formal dining room
  • Office space or homeschooling room
  • Defined (not walk through) laundry space on first or second floor
  • Colonial, cape cod, or farmhouse exterior


  • Unfinished basement for kids to play in and destroy without me caring
  • Not on busy road, has privacy
  • Not a galley kitchen
  • At least 2 and 1/2 bathrooms
  • Stairway not in entry

There came a point about two years ago when we were tossing around the idea of buying a starter home. With all the “the rates are record setting low” talk and such. For a variety of reasons that I cannot remember now (probably plans for the future that we are no longer pursuing) we decided to wait. Also, starter homes are not appealing to me. I think people get stuck in them more often then they successfully upgrade and flip them for a profit or whatever. That is purely anecdotal; I do not have data to support my argument. What am I, a scientist? Anyway, renting was not so bad (for a while) and for us the sound of staying in some sort of inexpensive rental property for another year or two sounded great if it meant after that we could have the first home we buy be something like a long term home.

With cheer and jubilation, the waiting is over and we are actually hunting and my time looking at property is not just “for funsies.”

And here is where I give a general apology for caps lock screaming throughout this post. Actually, no, SORRY I’M NOT SORRY because I am so happy.

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  • I’m not sure how you and your husband feel about the retailer called The Home Depot. However, I thought I would share this link. 10% off Home Depot gift cards to help fuel your renovations. If you do not like the Home Depot, I apologize for wasting your precious time.

    Thank you.

    • Rachel Schultz

      I like! Thanks Isaiah.

  • YAYAYA! So excited for you guys!!! Buying our house was one of my favorite memories of our marriage. There is just no better feeling than setting down some roots and feeling settled and making a home! :) If you are looking in the Howell area let me know, you must stop by for dinner!

  • Hello — fairly new reader, here! I just had to say YAYYYY!!!! with you here in the comment section. My husband and I have been married for four years (now with two little girls!) and I am DYING for the day that I can write a similar post. (I’ll be screaming the whole time, too.) We’re still about three years away, as things stand now. I totally get how excited you are — congratulations, and happy house hunting!!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Erica! I hope it come for you soon : )

  • Karen Z

    Yay! I will be so excited to see it when you find it! Not to mention follow all your renovating and projects!!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Karen. PROJECTS GALORE.

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