HAPPY 2015!

January 1, 2015

New Year’s is not my favorite holiday, but I really loved last night. We went on a mini road trip to try a restaurant we have been wanting to visit and ice skated while watching the ball drop. Not surprisingly, I was feeling snoozy and did not want to stay up until midnight.

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Last year, I made fourteen resolutions for 2014. I did not check the list often throughout those 365 days, but looking at it now I am impressed with myself on how many I did! They were:

01. Make the bed everyday – My first trimester of pregnancy kind of ixnayed that one, but I think it is possible we improved some
02. Mail more handwritten notes – Did not do much of this except for lots of thank you notes related to having a baby
03. Light candles – No, but I recently have increased resolve for this one
04. 80 ounces of water a day – Not even close!
05. Host or attend more game nights – We did a couple
06. Stop biting my lips – Did it! That was a big one
07. Hire professional designer for full site redesign – Oh yeah!
08. Save money to buy a house in 2015 – Yep, SO EXCITING
09. Reupholster a chair – Pretty much yes to this, although we have a few finishing touches
10. Learn to shoot my camera in manual mode – YES! And I love my camera much more now
11. Look polished everyday(ish) – Laughably no
12. Remember birthdays – No, but I do want to do this. Will try again
13. Read 15 books – Only made it to 12 (I kind of do not really try to reach this, I just read whatever I want. It is more of a prediction than a goal)
14. Kiss David more – I kind of cannot believe I wrote this. I am blushing

And now for this year! Of course I must do 15 for 2015, although at some point that will have to stop because I probably will not do 30 in 2030. (Or will I?)

01. Begin and keep up on family photo albums – I would like to make a distinction between this and scrapbooking, which I lovingly believe you have to be a little bit crazy to do
02. Read the Bible in a year
03. Paint my nails once a week – I recently noticed that I have become a little bit utilitarian in purging my life of anything inefficient or indulgent, such as painting my nails and lighting candles. While I previously thought that was a tiny waste of time and money, I have a renewed view that things like that can really change your whole mood and make the difference between a house and a home
04. Light candles – See preaching above
05. Produce eight new podcast episodes
06. Trim and stay under our monthly grocery budget
07. Invest in some nicer pieces for my wardrobe (resisting Forever 21’s Siren call)
08. Buy a house – I cannot even handle me right now (exhibit b)
09. Make the bed everyday – Trying again from last year
10. 60 ounces of water a day – Also trying again, with a little bit more attainable goal
11. Remember and acknowledge birthdays – Another try again
12. Make more (and better) videos for blog
13. Read 15 books – see point 13 above
14. One mystery resolution
15. Host more parties!

I know they say good goals need to be like, measurable and on a time limit and whatever. And some of mine are not. But let’s be real you can have success without stuff being that way. Happy New Year!

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