January 22, 2015

I want to make fun of myself or apologize for how many times the area above the couch has changed. But I will not. Continually evolving home decor is a good thing. I like to decorate slowly. And with the time this has taken, I am finding a set up for the living room we really want. Most of our time is spent in this room, by far. A pin came across my screen that inspired me for something new to do above the couch. The idea struck a cord because the nice, linear gallery of ten frames was not sitting right with me as time passed.

The collection is getting broken up, people. We considered several ideas: a 3×3 grid for the hall, a 2×3 in the hall, and various formations around the TV.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

We landed on using seven of the ten frames around the TV. Two went to the (anything-but-linear gallery) in the bedroom and one on our dresser with a new print of baby.

When you like what you have done in a room you know, especially compared to when I have to think over and over, “do I like this?” And whenever I see other living rooms with galleries around the TV, I love how it minimizes that big black box.

This picture makes me really happy. It reminds me how cozy our little apartment is. Although we are ready to be in a house, that image gives me a lot of memories from our time spent here and the happiness we have had around that coffee table. This is me trying to savor our last months in the apartment. Because there are (some) good things about it that I will miss when we are home owners. Not the least of which is the free snow removal.

And now the couch wall is bare again. Of course I already have something planned!

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  • Sarah

    I spy Ticket To Ride! Love that game and happily introduced my family to it and now it is all we play when we get together! You have to try the Asia Expansion … you can play teams! It is the best. Anyways, I think your pictures look lovely in their new spot!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Sarah!

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