February 11, 2015

I had a perhaps inordinate amount of fun making these pie charts. (Please note the colors coordinate with my site. Extra time spent on that.) And now that I know how to make rad pie charts, I will probably use them in posts too often. Like giving needless percentage breakdowns of all the ingredients in a recipe. (Note: I will not really do this.) (Note: Or will I?)

YEAR THREE from Rachel Schultz

Recently I have been spending some time guiding a younger girl at my church in starting a blog for profit. Going over navigating ad networks with her, I was reminded of how complicated the industry can be. Putting together this chart was helpful for me to see a visual of breakdown of what matters most to my bottom line.

Each of these pie charts are in percentages.

Traffic Pie Chart

Conversant was in use for only the second half of the year. Believe it or not, its small 5.1% is right where I want it to be because of a new ad strategy I implemented this year called “waterfalling.” I will share about it in detail tomorrow. My other huge teaser for tomorrow’s post is that I will explain why I left BlogHer. What? Shocking, right? See the big yellow piece of the pie? That one that said it is 50% of my income? I walked away from it at the end of this year and dispersed the ad space elsewhere. Tomorrow my reasons will be laid bare.

Next, traffic is an easy thing to track compulsively. (Especially since the Google Analytics app came out.) In some ways, traffic is the backbone and driving force of a blog. I believe that statement can be true without becoming a slave to the number and trying to please the masses. Feedback is good and traffic can be the most honest feedback there is. This is the breakdown of my most popular posts from last year.

Traffic Pie Chart

This data shows me that even the numbers (as well as my mental wellness) discourage focusing too much on viral posts. The most successful traffic-getter of 2014, Chicken Fried Rice was only 12.4% of the whole pie.

This should be a great motivator to young bloggers to work hard and post quality content regularly. Maybe it will be a long time before you ever have anything go viral, but churning along with lots of small posts adds up to be a greater percentage than any of my most popular ones alone.

I was explaining this mindset to some friends lately and one of them informed me there is a term for this thing – the long tail.

Last, I have a pie chart of what percentage of my workday schedule is spent on which tasks. Among the most frequent questions I get is about what I do all day. Maybe this will help if you have wondered the same.

Blog Data from Rachel Schultz

As I shared earlier in the week, it has changed a lot with baby! Before baby, you could replace that piece of the pie with “Netflix.” (Half joking.)

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