March 2, 2015

One of my musts on every vacation is shopping at thrift stores. I know that is so unusual and even crazy, (you are probably having the same reaction David did at first) but if you consider it, it really is the best. In areas with lots of retired people, there is much good to be had at the secondhand stores. (Try to read that in the least morbid way possible.)

Tiny finds I can bring back with me. And I always leave a possibility that if I really see the score of the century, I could pay to have it shipped and still be getting a good deal. Hilton Head met the requirement for lots of old people. These are finds I easily could have brought home with me.

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz copy

Above: First, the Church Mouse Thrift and Boutique. This was one of those places where a thrift store was really wanting to price itself as more of an antique store, which is not what I am into. Their set up was more showroom-ish, but I like my thrift places scrappy and rundown because that is where you get the rock bottom prices.

Below: I loved this pair of armchairs. If I recall they were asking $175 each which is not too bad in the world of armchairs, but if I am getting something used I want a better deal.

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-2 copyHILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-3 copy

Above: The other best thing I saw here was a few rugs. I would have checked out that left runner closely if we had room in our car to drive home. Rugs I expect to pay more for, so I could have put up with their inflated prices. I will probably never buy a new rug because with a professional cleaning old ones are are good as gold.

Below: Our next thrift stop on Hilton Head was The Litter Box, which David and I were seriously appalled by such a horrible choice of name. I get you raise money for an animal shelter, but this is just so troubling. There are no less than five elements of this door signage that we totally ripped to shreds with jokes. Setting the name aside, Litter Box had prices much more like what I want when trolling thrift.

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-4 copy HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-6 copy

Above: Liked this art and would even have left the frame as is.

Below: I can completely picture this chunky brass candle holder in Nate Berkus’ Target line. And it was only $2.

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-8 copy HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-7 copy

Above: This is the piece I am most regretting passing up. I love its little details and the gold trim. It would be the perfect home for jewelry or makeup on my nightstand or vanity. And I love thrifted glass because once you put it through the washing machine it feels totally santized. (And how could you pass up the Shrek chia pet in the background?)

Below: I would sand off that wording and stain that pretty untreated wood in a snap. Beautiful wood storage for only $2, and it was quite large.

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-9 copy

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz copy

Above: Our last stop was actually in Charleston, SC – Community Thrift Store. This place was big city and my kind of thrift.

Below: I am still freaking out about this dresser. I cannot remember the price, but I believe less than $100, which if I were at home would have been mine so fast.

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-2 copy HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-3 copy

Above: We thought twice on this painting as it was another good realist piece (like we like) with a nice frame.

Below: This chair reupholstered in emerald velvet? I cannot even.

HILTON HEAD THRIFTING from Rachel Schultz-4 copy

That was it for our thrifting on vacation. I considered craiglisting while we are there too, but I have to draw a line to let myself preserve the whole rest and relaxation principle behind vacations. Still so worth it!

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  • I am a total thrift finder, and found you first from pinterest, then your site, to here. I am addicted to thrift stores, wish i was there with you…did you go home with anything?~Jackie

  • Kim

    Next time you go, check out the Bargain Box http://www.bargainboxhhi.org/about.html. Our trips to HHI are not complete without hitting this thrift store at least once (more likely twice)!

  • Ellie

    So did you end up coming home with anything?

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